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    • Industrial Pastoral: Lake Macquarie Coal Miners’ Holidays 

      McDougall, Russell; Croft, Julian (2010-10-28)
      As Stephen Page and Joanne Connell note in their mapping of the field, leisure studies is a largely post-war development, evolving internationally out of geography, economics, sociology and a range of other disciplines ...
    • Writing the Mythical Landscape: An Analysis of the Poetic Devices used in Tourism’s Promotional Literature 

      George, Jodie (2010-10-28)
      This article critically examines the use of poetry and poetic language in the promotional materials of tourism, analysing how particular sites are made desirable through the tropes of figurative language. Specific practices ...
    • The Living Indian Critical Tradition 

      Dwivedi, Vivek Kumar (2010-10-28)
      This paper attempts to establish the identity of something that is often considered to be missing – a living Indian critical tradition. I refer to the tradition that arises out of the work of those Indians who write in ...
    • Go Forward, Going Back 

      Harrex, Sydney Church (2010-10-29)
    • Lusitanian 

      O'Reilly, Nathanael (2010-10-29)
    • ms word 

      Rao, Shweta (2010-10-29)
      Two poems: 'ms word' and 'english studies in the Age of (mechanical) Engineering'
    • Parting, Praying: Three Poems 

      Haque, Md Rezaul (2010-10-29)
      Three poems: 'Friends and Lovers', 'A Stanza on Linguistic Communalism' and 'A Prayer for my Teacher'
    • Red Altar 

      Tneh, David C.E. (2010-10-29)
    • The Thorn and the Petal (A Ghazal) 

      Murn, Molly (2010-10-29)
    • Three Poems from 'An Adelaide Boy' 

      Matthews-Zott, Deb (2010-10-29)
      Three poems from verse novel 'An Adelaide Boy': 'Passing through the Suez Canal', 'One Christmas', 'Otherwise Silence'
    • Tsutomu Yamaguchi: The Twice-bombed 

      Nandan, Satendra (2010-10-29)
    • Let Them Burn! 

      Rodopoulos, Loula S. (2010-10-29)
    • Rainbow 

      Isbister, Dong (2010-10-29)
    • Scorched Shadows: For Y.G. 

      Rodopoulos, Loula S. (2010-10-29)
    • The Elusive Ache of Things 

      Smith, Ian C (2010-10-29)
    • The Sadhu 

      Cahill, Michelle (2010-10-29)
      Short story about an Australian woman of Indian descent visiting India and being taken by a friend to meet a sadhu.
    • The Tamil Hero and His Tribe 

      Zaidi, Abbas (2010-10-29)
      Short story about a Pakistani expatriate and his wife who move to Lumut in Burma and meet a neighbouring Tamil family.
    • Window on the World 

      Byrne, Mary (2010-10-29)
      Short story about young Moroccan man who gains a high level of education but is unable to find a job in a European country.
    • Coming Full Circle: The Visiting Writer 

      Lennox, Rowena (2010-10-29)
      Memoir based around talk by Anne Enright, author of 'The Gathering'
    • Definitely 

      Klein, Ronald (2010-10-29)
      Short article about the anxiety of road travel in India and the contradictory language used by the Indian driver to reassure the passenger.