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    • Coming Full Circle: The Visiting Writer 

      Lennox, Rowena (2010-10-29)
      Memoir based around talk by Anne Enright, author of 'The Gathering'
    • Definitely 

      Klein, Ronald (2010-10-29)
      Short article about the anxiety of road travel in India and the contradictory language used by the Indian driver to reassure the passenger.
    • Editor's note and contents page for Volume 3, no. 1, November 2010 

      Transnational Literature (2010-11)
      Editor's note and contents page for Transnational Literature, Vol. 3, no. 1, November 2010
    • The Elusive Ache of Things 

      Smith, Ian C (2010-10-29)
    • Ernesto Rasa and The Earthquake 

      Russo, Frank (2010-10-29)
      A short story about a member of an evangelical church in Adelaide in the 1970s at the time that an earthquake and tidal wave were prophesied.
    • Go Forward, Going Back 

      Harrex, Sydney Church (2010-10-29)
    • Industrial Pastoral: Lake Macquarie Coal Miners’ Holidays 

      McDougall, Russell; Croft, Julian (2010-10-28)
      As Stephen Page and Joanne Connell note in their mapping of the field, leisure studies is a largely post-war development, evolving internationally out of geography, economics, sociology and a range of other disciplines ...
    • Let Them Burn! 

      Rodopoulos, Loula S. (2010-10-29)
    • The Lit Critters 

      Ardoin, Paul (2010-10-29)
      The Letter from the Editor for this issue of Transnational Literature describes this story as "ficto-criticism," a term not used much in my own country but a fun one that seems an apt description. What I would take particular ...
    • The Living Indian Critical Tradition 

      Dwivedi, Vivek Kumar (2010-10-28)
      This paper attempts to establish the identity of something that is often considered to be missing – a living Indian critical tradition. I refer to the tradition that arises out of the work of those Indians who write in ...
    • Lusitanian 

      O'Reilly, Nathanael (2010-10-29)
    • Mahamaya, translated from the Bengali by Mohammad A. Quayum 

      Tagore, Rabindranath; Quayum, Mohammad A (2010-10-31)
      Short story by Rabindranath Tagore, translated into English by Mohammad A. Quayum.
    • ms word 

      Rao, Shweta (2010-10-29)
      Two poems: 'ms word' and 'english studies in the Age of (mechanical) Engineering'
    • Over Seas 

      Williams, Christine (2010-10-29)
      Short story about preparations of a young Indian writer for a visit to Australia, narrated by the Australian friend he will be visiting. Includes poetry and memoir.
    • Parting, Praying: Three Poems 

      Haque, Md Rezaul (2010-10-29)
      Three poems: 'Friends and Lovers', 'A Stanza on Linguistic Communalism' and 'A Prayer for my Teacher'
    • The Passing of Aseli 

      Usongo, Kenneth (2010-10-29)
      Short story about the repercussions of the death of the a former villager.
    • Rainbow 

      Isbister, Dong (2010-10-29)
    • Red Altar 

      Tneh, David C.E. (2010-10-29)
    • Review Article: 'Ochre and Rust: Artefacts and Encounters on Australian Frontiers' by Philip Jones. 

      McDougall, Russell (2010-10-29)
      Review article on 'Ochre and Rust: Artefacts and Encounters on Australian Frontiers' by Philip Jones.
    • Review of 'American Risorgimento' by Dennis Berthold 

      Edwards, Brian (2010-10-29)
      Review of 'American Risorgimento: Herman Melville and the Cultural Politics of Italy' by Dennis Berthold