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    • Activities of the Archaeological Society of Victoria Concerning the Confluence Site of the Dry Creek and the Maribyrnong River in 1974/75. 

      Gallus, Alexander (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      A grant from the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies has made it possible to begin ordering of the large archaeological material and of the relevant field notes which have accumulated since collection of material ...
    • Archaeologists and Aborigines 

      Onus, Sandra (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      Explanation for the need for communication between archaeologists and Aborigines.
    • Archaeology in South Australia - A Report on Recent Work 

      Pretty, G.L. (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      The South Australian Museum has since 1972 operated as a division of the South Australian Department of Environment and Conservation. It operates by authority of the Museum Act (1939). The work of investigating archaeological ...
    • Archaeology in The Northern Territory 

      Crosby, Eleanor (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      Work done by the A.I.A.S. Sites of Significance Programme, has identified a number of sites during the year. Sites already recorded in the Department of Aboriginal Affairs files and in the Institute of Aboriginal Studies ...
    • Broughton Island, N.S.W. Recent Prehistoric use of an Offshore Ocean Island 

      Wright, R.V.S. (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      In June 1974 exceptionally strong winds coincided with high tides on the coast of New South Wales to create damaging waves. Unpublicized results were wave cut sections in middens previously unrecorded. One such exposure ...
    • Canberra Archaeological Society - 1974-5 

      Pike, Graham (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      Increasing governmental awareness of the need for conservation of not only the environment but of the country's heritage, and the almost unbelievable speed at which Canberra's suburbs are sprawling across former grazing ...
    • Current Research at the Department Of Prehistory and Archaeology, University of New England 

      Connah, Graham (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      Research interests include topics outside as well as inside Australia, for instance my own work on the Late Stone Age and Iron Age of West Africa has recently led to the publication of the Archaeology of Benin, by Oxford ...
    • Current Work in the Anthropology Museum, University Of Queensland 

      Lauer, Peter K. (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      Current work in the Anthropology Museum covers the whole spectrum of museology, and comprises cataloguing, display, conservation, teaching, field research and publication.
    • Editorial 

      Lampert, Ronald John (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
    • Fieldwork in Victoria 

      Coutts, Peter J F (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      In January this year, Richard Wright and Robert Glenney conducted excavations at Lancefield to try and determine whether the extinct marsupial fauna found in the lake deposits were associated with man.
    • Further Radiocarbon Dates from Cave Bay Cave, Hunter Island, North-West Tasmania 

      Bowdler, Sandra (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      Man's presence in Tasmania during the Pleistocene was recently demonstrated by a radiocarbon date of 18,550 + 600 BP from Cave Bay Cave, Hunter Island. Further excavation was carried out at this site during January and ...
    • “James Matthews” Excavation Summer 1974-75 

      Henderson, Graeme (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      The aim of the 1974-75 excavation was to expose the hull for recording and to raise the cargo items and ship's equipment exposed during the process.
    • Journal Notifications 

      Unknown author (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
    • Kangaroo Island 

      Lampert, Ronald John (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      Continuation of the Kangaroo Island project, with a three month field reconnaissance, aimed at locating sites suitable for more intensive research.
    • Recent Research in South Western Prehistory 

      Dortch, Charles (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      The Devil's Lair investigations continue to be the most important single research project in the prehistory of south western Australia. The small group of excavators from the Western Australian Museum (J. Balme, C. Dortch, ...
    • Research by the Department of Anthropology, The Australian Museum 

      Specht, Jim (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      Department research activities.
    • Research in Queensland 

      Sutcliffe, K. (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
    • Restoration of Aboriginal Rock Art: The Moral Problem 

      Maynard, Lesley (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      Like every other human culture, traditional Aboriginal culture produced a variety of material objects whose physical forms conformed to patterns dictated by social pressures. The paper discusses the role of art in traditional ...
    • Table of Contents 

      Unknown author (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
    • The V.O. C. Ship Batavia 1629, Report on the Third Season of Excavation 

      Unknown author (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
      A report covering the first and second seasons of excavation of the Dutch Indiaman Batavia by the Western Australian Museum has already been published by Green (1975). This paper concentrates on the third season of excavation, ...