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    • Facilitating access to evidence: Primary Health Care Search Filter 

      Brown, Lynsey; Carne, Amanda; Bywood, Petra Teresia; McIntyre, Ellen; Damarell, Raechel; Tieman, Jennifer; Lawrence, Mikaela (2014)
      Background: The evidence base developed by, and relevant to, primary health care (PHC) is rapidly increasing. With the wealth of literature available, searchers trying to find PHC-specific citations can feel overwhelmed. Objectives: ...
    • Primary Health Care (PHC) Search Filter: Bringing the evidence to shore 

      Brown, Lynsey; Carne, Amanda; McIntyre, Ellen; Tieman, Jennifer; Damarell, Raechel; Sladek, Ruth; Hagger, Christina; Katterl, Rachel (Primary Health Care Research and Information Service, 2013)
      Surfing the internet for primary health care (PHC) literature produces waves of information that can lead a researcher to feel as though they are drowning in papers. Sifting through material to find the oysters containing ...