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    • Hippias of Elis and his Pursuit of Justice. 

      O'Grady, Patricia Frances (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      Hippias’ involvement in the conception of justice forms the philosophical topic of this paper. Hippias did not, of course, invent justice. In order to understand the transition of Justice to justice, we need to go back to ...
    • Identity and Relations within Society: The Greek Experience in Australia. 

      Riak, Patricia (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      This paper is both introduction to and review of sociological insights that have contributed to understanding social dynamics that give definition to the social modelling of the Greek family in Australia. The paper ...
    • 'In Their Own Image: Greek-Australians' National Project Past, Present and Potential Future. 

      Janiszewski, Leonard; Alexakis, Effy (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      Since 1982 the 'In Their Own Image: Greek-Australians' National Project has been researching the historical and contemporary Greek-Australian presence in both Australia and overseas. It has gathered a considerable oral, ...
    • Kylon: The Man Who Changed Athens. 

      Agoratsios, Emmanuel (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      Who was this Kylon and why did he bring about change in Athens in the mid-seventh century BC? The aim of this discussion will endeavour to focus briefly on Kylon himself and why he caused such a stir at Athens at the time. ...
    • Linguistic Terms of Greek Origin in English and Bulgarian. 

      Shenkova, Svetla; Rousseva, Grozda (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      The Greek language has been the source of linguistic terms for centuries up to the present. Greek word-forming patterns, words and word elements were adopted and adapted into Latin (Neo-Latin) 1,500 years ago, and passed ...
    • List of Authors. 

      Authors (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      This item is the list of contributing authors to the Proceedings of the Sixth Biennial International Conference of Greek Studies.
    • Migration to Greece: A New Type and Emerging Problems. 

      Alipranti-Maratou, Laura (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      Greece is a country with an age-long tradition in emigration and population movements due to specific historical factors. In the twentieth century certain political, economic and family reasons caused a large outflow of ...
    • Military Recruitment and Selection in a British Colony: The Cyprus Regiment 1939-1944. 

      Kazamias, Georgios (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      Between 1939 and 1945, several thousand Greek and Turkish Cypriots enlisted and served in the Cyprus Regiment, a colonial regiment of the British Army. Using archival material, this paper aims to examine the parameters set ...
    • Modern Greek History Textbooks: Another Approach to Social Aspects of the Asia Minor Disaster. 

      Tirekidis, Chrysoula (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      The events of the Asia Minor Disaster have become a corner stone of Modern Greek historiography, while the social repercussions are neglected. This paper proposes to examine a sample of Modern Greek history textbooks ...
    • O ίσκιος του ενδεχόμενου στο αφηγηματικό σύμπαν του Γ. Bιζυηνού 

      Angelatos, Dimitris (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      Please note: this article is in Greek. This paper deals with aspects of fictional representation and modes of understanding reality in Vizyinos’s mature narratives. It maintains that Vizyinos’ writing broke with the 19th ...
    • Peasants and Workers in Tobacco Production in Greece, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: Social and Cultural Lives. 

      Dagkas, Alexandros (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      Tobacco played a major role in the socio-economic development of Greece starting from the period of Ottoman rule. A related cultural history was written by those who took part in economic activities associated with the ...
    • Phono-semantically Motivated Lexical Patterns: Evidence from English and Modern Greek. 

      Mela-Athanasopoulou, Elizabeth (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      Generally, linguistic theory assumes that the association between sound and meaning is essentially arbitrary: a meaning can theoretically be represented by almost any set of sounds in a language. This study, however, will ...
    • Plato's Ring of Corruption. 

      Spence, Edward H (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      Although corruption has been widely reported and is easily recognized, often unfortunately after the event, its nature and causes are usually not well understood and remain for the most part conceptually unclear. This ...
    • Portrait of a Western Australian Artist: Vlase Zanalis. 

      Yiannakis, John N (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      This paper was originally given as a PowerPoint presentation. It highlights particular aspects of Vlase Zanalis’ work, notably his landscape and Indigenous themes, helping to show his ability to operate in three different ...
    • Preface. 

      Close, Elizabeth Anne; Tsianikas, Michael; Couvalis, Spyridon George (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      The sixth Biennial Conference of Greek Studies held at Flinders University from 23 to 26 June 2005 marked an important step forward: it became an international conference, thus attracting a considerable number of specialists ...
    • Reading Chapter One, Part Two of Papadiamantes's "The Merchant of the Nations". 

      Vardoulakis, Dimitris (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      This article examines one chapter in Alexandros Papadiamantes’s novel "The Merchants of the Nations" (1882-83) under the rubric of a logic of confession.
    • The Significance of Plato's Notions of Beauty and Pleasure in the Philosophy of Kant 

      McMahon, Jennifer (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      Plato conceived of the Form of Beauty as quite distinct from the Form of the Good. Beauty was a means to the Good. The ascent theory of the Symposium has suggested to some commentators that Plato envisaged two kinds of ...
    • Simitis's Unsuccessful Struggle for Economic and Governmental Modernisation: A Case of Irresolution or Impotence? 

      Close, David Henry (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      Modernisation, meaning the attainment of best governmental practice in the European Union, was the mission of Kostas Simitis while prime minister in 1996–2004. In the goals which mattered most to himself and to voters — ...
    • Some Future Contingents and Aristotle. 

      Turner, Andrew J (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      Aristotle argued that particular statements about the future were neither true nor false. Turner rejects this claim, arguing that implicit to such a theory is an untenable theory of time. Whilst developing a theory of time ...
    • The Stoics on Identity. 

      Djukic, George (Department of Languages - Modern Greek, 2007)
      A useful corrective to the increasingly ahistorical approach in much contemporary philosophy is an appreciation of the fact, often neglected these days, that many of the themes currently at the centre-stage of philosophical ...