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    • The Prevention of Bushfire Arson through Target Hardening 

      Christensen, Warren (Flinders University School of Law, 2008-04)
      An analysis of the Queensland Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries (Forestry) (DPI&F (Forestry)) Wildfire Data Base indicates that, in comparison to all other DPI&F (Forestry) districts the Beerburrum forestry ...
    • Strategies for Preventing Drug Recidivism Cycle in Taiwan 

      Chu, Jih-Chiao; Cheng, Hsien-Chi; Khoo, Jennifer (Lin-Lin); Chang, Chieh-Hsiung; Chiou, Jin-Yi; Chien, Chun-Sheng (Flinders University School of Law, 2008-04)
      Drug abuse is currently a worldwide problem and Taiwan is no exception. Drug abuse is a disease that must be treated on the basis of evidence (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 2007; World Health Organisation 2004). ...
    • Measuring Offender Discount Rates: An Overview of the Issues and a Suggested Methodology 

      Torre, Andrew (Flinders University School of Law, 2008-04)
      Criminologists assert that some offenders exhibit impulsive behaviour. If this is correct then this impulsiveness will manifest itself through high discount rates. However discount rates are difficult to observe and measure. ...
    • Differences between Groups of Drivers: Offences Contrasted with Crashes 

      Kloeden, Craig N; Anderson, Robert W G; Hutchinson, T Paul (Flinders University School of Law, 2008-04)
      If an intervention can be shown to affect the number of driving offences, is this also evidence that it has an effect on road crashes? We summarise two recent studies in which we found a difference between groups in respect ...
    • Academic Terror: Ideology in Analysis 

      Kurtschenko, Joey (Flinders University School of Law, 2008-04)
      The purpose of academic writing is to analyse. Although this is true of the form, there is still room within analysis to move into ideological veins, putting forward views alongside analysis or sometimes in place of it. ...
    • Foreword 

      Wundersitz, Joy; Son, Christina (Flinders University School of Law, 2008-04)
      Foreword to THE FLINDERS JOURNAL OF LAW REFORM VOLUME 10 ISSUE 3 (2007/8) — Special Electronic Edition — ANZSOC Conference Proceedings — Select Papers
    • Tracing the Evolutionary Roots of Modern Islamic Radicalism and Militancy 

      Ingram, Haroro J. (Flinders University School of Law, 2008-04)
      This paper takes an innovative approach to understanding Islamic radicalism and militancy by utilising charismatic leadership theory to understand the critical role of charismatic leaders in the evolutionary development ...
    • It's all about risk, isn't it? Science, politics, public opinion and regulatory reform 

      Haines, Fiona; Sutton, Adam; Platania-Phung, Chris (Flinders University School of Law, 2008-04)
      Like most Western democracies, Australia has seen constant business complaints about the regulatory burden and the need for reform. Governments have been sympathetic to these concerns and initiated numerous enquiries into ...
    • The Case for Single Cells and Alternative Ways of viewing 

      Grant, Elizabeth; Memmott, Paul (Flinders University School of Law, 2008-04)
      Until recently there was an assumption that Australian Aboriginal prisoners should be accommodated in dual occupancy or dormitory accommodation while in custody to best meet cultural needs, primarily to prevent social ...
    • Passports to advantage:Health and capacity building as a basis for social integration 

      Kinner, Stuart A (Flinders University School of Law, 2008-04)
      Released prisoners are characterised by chronic social disadvantage, poor physical and mental health, and high rates of substance misuse – a continuation of problems experienced prior to imprisonment. High rates of recidivism ...