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  • Training 2000 

    Graycar, Adam (1992-11)
    This speech uses aspects of the Finn, Carmichael and A.D. Little Reports concerning the state of post secondary education, vocational training, apprenticeships, university, year 12, TAFE system and school retention rates ...
  • Address to Principal's Conference 

    Graycar, Adam (1993-12)
    As industry continues to restructure, there will be a change to the occupational and skills profile of the workforce. We are moving towards a smaller, multi-skilled workforce, able to undertake more complex activities and ...
  • Education reform 

    Graycar, Adam (1993-11)
    The education system is being restructured within the context of a changing economy, changing industry standards, and rapidly changing technology and delivery systems.
  • Training directions 

    Graycar, Adam (1991-12)
    The national training reform agenda is complex and multi-faceted. The Finn Review is one part of this particular agenda aimed at reshaping post-compulsory education in Australia and setting national participation targets ...
  • Post secondary education 

    Graycar, Adam (1992-10)
    This speech uses aspects of both the Finn and Carmichael Reports concerning the state of post secondary education, vocational training, apprenticeships, university, year 12, TAFE system and school retention rates.
  • General speech - Quality assurance in higher education 

    Graycar, Adam (1992-00)
    A State strategic plan is being developed for higher education, and this plan assumes a quality product. Universities do not prescribe to standards of quality. Complaints and anecdotal evidence are received regarding the ...
  • Graduation of students of Asian Commercial Cookery Certificate 

    Graycar, Adam (1992-06)
    Success doesn't come overnight. Cuisine evolves over a long period as skilled cooks experiment with flavour, texture, composition and environment. What you have learnt has taken a long time to develop, and with your ...
  • Community adult education 

    Graycar, Adam (1992-05)
    A national inquiry into adult and community education in Australia resulted in 30 recommendations. The report will alert policy makers to the need for changes in resource allocation, recognition and some redefinition of ...
  • Exporting university education 

    Graycar, Adam (1991-06)
    While full fee paying students are a boost to the local economy there are also long term trade and foreign policy benefits as we contribute to the education of the leaders of tomorrow. The State Government regards the ...
  • Opening address 

    Graycar, Adam (1991-07)
    Our research and advocacy should be oriented to a self-renewing society, ready to improvise solutions to problems it won't recognize until tomorrow. We need to lay foundations now and the SPRC has a crucial role to play ...
  • Asian Pacific Language & Culture 

    Graycar, Adam (1991-03)
    It is important that standards of language proficiency and knowledge of export marketing management be set and tested and World University can do it. This speech outlines the purpose and role of a proposed Export Language ...
  • Opening of "Sturt House" 

    Graycar, Adam (1990-12)
    Child care has always been politically controversial. Of all the States except Tasmania, South Australia has the highest proportion of mature age students commencing as undergraduates. Most (55%) of new mature age students ...
  • World University Consortium 

    Graycar, Adam (1990-11)
    The World University is a central component of the proposed Multifunction Polis in Adelaide. The World University will not be a fourth university campus in Adelaide or compete with other South Australian universities. ...
  • Violence in Australia 

    Graycar, Adam (1999-12)
    Slides illustrating Australian crime statistics regarding homicides, assaults, robberies and juvenile arrests, mostly from 1996.
  • Crime and local government 

    Graycar, Adam (1999-11)
    Local government has a role in preventing crime. Crime and disorder problems need to be understood in their local contexts and strategies need thus to be locally tailored. Local government can be a catalyst for change ...
  • Changing demography, changing crime 

    Graycar, Adam (1999-11)
    Over the millennia, the way humans have arranged their living space has had a strong influence on social, political and economic life. It has also had an influence on crime. It would be convenient to be able to plot a ...
  • Art crime 

    Graycar, Adam (1999-12)
    Interpol has ranked art and cultural related property crime the third largest illicit trade in the world after drugs and weapons, with money laundering coming a close fourth. The recovery rate for stolen art has been ...
  • Changing face of crime 

    Graycar, Adam (1999-11)
    This presentation investigates some of the current and potential factors which may impact upon the wider societal environment in which criminal activities occur. Predominantly the types of new opportunities for the ...
  • Crime and social capital 

    Graycar, Adam (1999-10)
    The stock of social capital we have invested in our community contributes to the maintenance of social order, that is, to the prevention of crime. The fundamental task in crime prevention is to work cross-sectorally and ...
  • New research on victims of crime in Australia - victims' needs, victims' rights - an AIC report 

    Graycar, Adam (1999-09)
    This paper reports material which comprehensively outlines the structure of victim services in each Australian state and territory in order to give an accurate picture of the nature of the services existing nationally. It ...

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