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    • Agencies, services and Government funding 

      Graycar, Adam; Silver, Wendy (1982-08)
      State governments provide for disabled people's needs through their departments of health, education and welfare. Most State Governments also provide funds to non-government welfare organizations (NGWOs) in this area of ...
    • Welfare State 

      Graycar, Adam (1982-12)
      History of social welfare is as old as history of human race. History of the Welfare State is a much more recent phenomenon. Welfare State was born with a golden future ahead of it - political mechanism which could hope ...
    • Public and private in welfare services 

      Graycar, Adam (1983-05)
      This paper examines relationships between non-government welfare organizations (NGWOs) and governments, and discusses questions relating to the boundaries between statutory and non-statutory activities privatization of ...
    • Ageing populations and social care: policy issues 

      Graycar, Adam (1983-05)
      Official policy statements and parliamentary recommendations are re-emphasizing the importance of community care for elderly people. This paper examines questions of responsibility in the light both of demographic changes ...
    • Future directions of welfare in Australia 

      Graycar, Adam (1983-08)
      Those of us involved in social welfare, either as service providers or as academic researchers, are concerned with the well-being of people in our community - with levels of living, with people's access to quality care, ...
    • Non-Government Welfare Organisations diversity 

      Graycar, Adam (1983-09)
      It has often been said that social work is an attempt to apply private solutions to public ills. Is this what NGWOs are about? Traditional argument is that NGWOs are innovative and flexible. The potential for innovation ...
    • Non-Government welfare organisations in South Australia: data sheets 

      Graycar, Adam (1983-09)
      The data reported here are from a national survey which is presently being analysed in the Social Welfare Research Centre, University of New South Wales. The material reports responses from the survey only, and generalisations ...
    • Social change and voluntary organisations in South Australia 

      Graycar, Adam (1983-10)
      The population structure of South Australia is undergoing dramatic and rapid change, and this will have monumental ramifications for the way South Australians live, the levels of production, the quality and quantity of ...
    • Family and community care of elderly people 

      Graycar, Adam (1983-11)
      The 'graying' of Australia's population has been a regular topic of discussion in government, demographic, health, and social service circles in recent years. It has been noted carefully because shifts in population ...
    • Ageing and family dependency 

      Graycar, Adam; Kinnear, David (1984-00)
      Ageing is having a pronouced effect on elderly persons who find themselves estranged from the labour force and consequently more dependent on income and social service transfers; on relatives who find themselves bound up ...
    • Welfare and community services review: setting the policy agenda 

      Graycar, Adam (1984-02)
      Two traditions manifest themselves in writings on social policy. One tradition sees the objectives of social policy as a quest after social improvement, as an exercise in setting desirable social objectives and in organizing ...
    • Current demographic points of interest (Labour force and ethnicity excluded) 

      Graycar, Adam (1984-02)
      This paper summarises Australia's demographic changes over recent years and population projections compared to other countries.
    • Non-government welfare organisations in South Australia 

      Graycar, Adam (1984-02)
      The data reported here are from a national survey which is presently being analysed in the Social Welfare Research Centre. It analyses numbers and incomes of non-government welfare agencies in Australia, their functions, ...
    • Accommodation after retirement 

      Graycar, Adam (1984-03)
      Family, income, health, and housing conditions are the major interlocking pieces in the kaleidoscope of well being of elderly people. Housing and accommodation, the subject of tonight's seminar is concerned not only with ...
    • Aged care in Australia: conflicting issues 

      Graycar, Adam (1984-03)
      For conventional reasons those aged 65 or more are regarded as constituting our population of elderly persons. 9.7% of Australia's population is aged 65 or more. Most are not in the labour force and thus rely for their ...
    • Non-institutional care of elderly people: needs and services 

      Graycar, Adam (1984-05)
      The Australian population is ageing slowly and the implications of this for social security and health and social service provision have caused alarm in some government circles.
    • Voluntary social welfare 

      Graycar, Adam (1984-07)
      Those of us in the social welfare industry are concerned with the well being of people in our community - with standards of life and living, with people's access to quality care, with informal social supports, and with ...
    • Family policy 

      Graycar, Adam (1984-08)
      The results from the world survey of family policy guidelines demonstrate powerfully and unequivocally that family policy is, above all, a political construct. Like all political constructs it draws its meaning from ...
    • Voluntary agencies and aged care 

      Graycar, Adam (1984-08)
      Significant and monumental changes have taken place in the recent past in the structure of Australia's population, in the needs exhibited and expressed by the population, and in the methods used to attend to those needs. ...
    • Accommodation options for elderly people 

      Graycar, Adam (1984-10)
      Elderly people require a wide range of supports, mostly income support, but also health services, housing support, and social services. Public resources which are allocated are substantial, yet the range of incomes, access ...