The Eighth Biennial International Conference of Greek Studies, held at Flinders University, South Australia, in June, 2009, represented an important global gathering. The Conference hosted representatives and presenters from four continents and nine countries and engaged audiences with an impressive collection of papers. The Conference helped celebrate a unique milestone for Greek Studies, marking as it did a celebration of 22 golden years of Modern Greek studies at Flinders University.

A very distinctive feature of proceedings publication of this important conference is the light it has shed on specific Hellenic debates and discourses, both current and historical. The authors have provided erudite discussions on a broad range of topics, inviting new ways of thinking activated through reflection on change. The reader is ever invited to reinterpret new meanings stemming from a deep respect for preserving links with the past.

All papers published in the present volume were assessed by our reviewers as significant academic contributions to the sociology of historical and cultural knowledge. The reviewers themselves are esteemed scholars of international renown.

The papers in this collection address a number of significant themes in Greek Studies: Ancient Greek Philosophy across Time; The Recent History of Greece and Cyprus: key issues as they pertain to Greek and Cypriot discourse and debate; Greeks and Cypriots in Australia and Beyond: personal and cultural histories dealing with concepts underpinning change over time and elaborated on in relation to personal memoirs and socio-cultural discourse; Modern Greek literature, Language, Education and the Arts: Discourses related to literature, language, education and the arts as they influence intercultural dynamics; myths and tradition; visual and performing arts; linguistics and learning.

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