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    • TiO2 nanofiber photoelectrochemical cells loaded with sub-12 nm AuNPs: Size dependent performance evaluation 

      Macdonald, Thomas J; Ambroz, Filip; Batmunkh, Munkhbayar; Li, Yang; Kim, Dongyoung; Contini, Claudia; Poduval, Radhika; Liu, Huiyun; Shapter, Joseph George; Papakonstantinou, Ioannis; Parkin, Ivan P (Elsevier, 2018-06-22)
      Incorporation of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) into titanium dioxide (TiO2) photoelectrodes has been used traditionally to increase the performance of photoelectrochemical cells (PECs) through their tailored optical properties. ...