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    • Colorectal cancer screening in rural and remote areas: analysis of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program data for South Australia. 

      Martini, Angelita; Javanparast, Sara; Ward, Paul Russell; Baratiny, Genevieve; Gill, Tiffany; Cole, Stephen Russell; Tsourtos, George; Aylward, Philip Edmund; Jiwa, Moyez; Misan, Gary; Wilson, Carlene J; Young, Graeme Paul (James Cook University, 2011)
      In Australia, colorectal cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer and cause of death from malignant diseases, and its incidence is rising. The aim of this article was to present an analysis of National Bowel ...
    • Cost and affordability of healthy food in rural South Australia 

      Ward, Paul Russell; Coveney, John David; Verity, Fiona Elizabeth; Carter, Patricia; Schilling, M J (James Cook University, 2012)
      The unaffordability of healthy food, or ‘food stress’ in low SES groups is a concern, especially when this group carries the greatest burden of diet-related disease. Findings suggest that there is a need to consider both ...