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dc.contributor.authorMartin, William Craig
dc.contributor.authorHealy, Joshua Gregory
dc.identifier.citationMartin, B. and Healy, J., 2009. Changing work organisation and skill requirements. Australian Bulletin of Labour, Vol. 35 No. 2, pp. 393-437.en
dc.description.abstractThis report examines Australian studies of work organisation and how the workplace is changing in response to pressures from increased global competition, rapidly changing consumer markets and the expansion of the services sector, all of which necessitate much more flexible work practices. The research finds that the success of teamwork is patchy, as is implementation of other aspects of the high performance model.en
dc.publisherNational Institute of Labour Studiesen
dc.subjectWork practicesen
dc.subjectBill Martinen
dc.titleChanging work organisation and skill requirementsen

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