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dc.contributor.authorMcGuinness, Seamus
dc.contributor.authorWebster, E
dc.contributor.authorMavromaras, Kostas
dc.identifier.citationMcGuinness, S., Webster, E., and Mavromaras, K., 2012. What are the characteristics of the employers of the low-paid in Australia? Australian Bulletin of Labour, Vol. 38 No. 1, pp. 26-47.en
dc.description.abstractService-sector employers from Communications; Accommodation, cafes and restaurants; Personal and other services; Retail trade; and Manufacturing have the highest densities of low-wage employees in Australia. In addition, the majority of all employers of the low paid were service-industry employers. A multivariate analysis found that employers of the low paid were more likely to be small firms employing a disproportionate share of casual labour. Employers of the low paid were more likely to be located in industries where labour costs form a relatively smaller proportion of turnover (possibly because of high material costs) and where there were higher rates of businesses recording a loss of profit. In addition, substantial regional differences remain in the presence of industry controls, indicating that state-level differences in the incidence of low-paying employers cannot be fully accounted for by the other factors.en
dc.publisherNational Institute of Labour Studiesen
dc.titleWhat are the characteristics of the employers of the low paid in Australia?en

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