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    • A model for (re)building consumer trust in the food system 

      Wilson, Annabelle; Withall, Elizabeth; Coveney, John David; Meyer, Samantha B; Henderson, Julie Anne; McCullum, Dean; Webb, Trevor; Ward, Paul Russell (Oxford University Press, 2016-04-12)
      The article presents a best practice model that can be utilized by food system actors to assist with (re)building trust in the food system, before, during and after a food incident defined as ‘any situation within the food ...
    • The role of the media in construction and presentation of food risks 

      Henderson, Julie Anne; Wilson, Annabelle; Meyer, Samantha B; Coveney, John David; Calnan, Michael; McCullum, Dean; Lloyd, Sue; Ward, Paul Russell (Taylor & Francis, 2014-10-13)
      In this article we examine how and why the media construct food risks, from the perspective of ‘media actors’ (people involved in different types of media) using data from 30 interviews conducted in 2013 with media actors ...