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    • Screening for renal disease in a remote Aboriginal community using the Bayer DCA 2000 

      Shephard, Mark Douglas; Allen, G G (Australian Institute of Medical Scientists, 2001)
      End-stage renal disease among Aboriginal Australians has reached alarming proportions during the past decade. The early identification of this disease through community screening programs is a key strategy in reducing the ...
    • The Umoona Kidney Project 

      Shephard, Mark Douglas; Brown, Michael A; Hudson, Maryanne; Riessen, Cissie; Braun, Janice (Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal, 2000)
      Kidney disease is one of the most serious problems facing Aboriginal Australians. Nationally the number of Aboriginal people with advanced or end-stage kidney disease is six times that of non-Aboriginal Australians. It has ...