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    • Adabook and Multibook: adaptive boosting with chance correction 

      Powers, David Martin (2013-09)
      There has been considerable interest in boosting and bagging, including the combination of the adaptive techniques of AdaBoost with the random selection with replacement techniques of Bagging. At the same time there has ...
    • Ancient DNA reveals elephant birds and kiwi are sister taxa and clarifies ratite bird evolution 

      Mitchell, Kieren J; Llamas, Bastien; Soubrier, Julien; Rawlence, Nicolas J; Worthy, Trevor; Wood, Jamie; Lee, Michael S Y; Cooper, Alan (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2014-05-23)
      The evolution of the ratite birds has been widely attributed to vicariant speciation, driven by the Cretaceous breakup of the supercontinent Gondwana. The early isolation of Africa and Madagascar implies that the ostrich ...
    • Apologies demanded yet devalued: Normative dilution in the age of apology 

      Okimoto, Tyler Gene; Wenzel, Michael; Hornsey, Matthew J (Elsevier, 2015-07)
      Dramatic increases in the issuance of political apologies over the last two decades mean that we now live in the “age of apology”. But what does this surge in frequency mean for the effectiveness of intergroup apologies ...
    • Application of polymer interlayers in silicon–carbon nanotube heterojunction solar cells 

      Yu, Le Ping; Tune, Daniel David; Shearer, Cameron; Shapter, Joseph George (WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, 2015-02-27)
      We explore the use of polymers as a conducting interlayer within silicon–carbon nanotube heterojunction photovoltaics. Three types of devices have been fabricated and characterized including silicon–carbon nanotube, ...
    • Asymmetries in attention as revealed by fixations and saccades 

      Thomas, Nicole A; Loetscher, Tobias; Nicholls, Michael Elmo Richard (Springer Verlag, 2014-06-21)
      Neurologically normal individuals devote more attention to the left side; an asymmetry known as pseudoneglect, which reflects right hemisphere involvement in visuospatial attention. The role of eye movements in attentional ...
    • Attentional bias modification encourages healthy eating 

      Kakoschke, Naomi; Kemps, Eva Bertha; Tiggemann, Marika (Elsevier, 2014-01)
      The continual exposure to unhealthy food cues in the environment encourages poor dietary habits, in particular consuming too much fat and sugar, and not enough fruit and vegetables. According to Berridge’s (1996) model of ...
    • Attentional Retraining Can Reduce Chocolate Consumption 

      Kemps, Eva Bertha; Tiggemann, Marika; Orr, Jenna; Grear, Justine (American Psychological Association, 2014-03)
      There is emerging evidence that attentional biases are related to the consumption of substances such as alcohol and tobacco, and that attentional bias modification can reduce unwanted consumption of these substances. We ...
    • Averaging and linear programming in some singularly perturbed problems of optimal control 

      Gaitsgory, Vladimir; Rossomakhine, Sergey (Springer Verlag, 2014-06-11)
      The paper aims at the development of an apparatus for analysis and construction of near optimal solutions of singularly perturbed (SP) optimal controls problems (that is, problems of optimal control of SP systems) considered ...
    • Avifauna from the Teouma Lapita Site, Efate Island, Vanuatu, Including a New Genus and Species of Megapode 

      Worthy, Trevor; Hawkins, Stuart; Bedford, Stuart; Spriggs, Matthew (University of Hawaii Press, 2015)
      The avifauna of the Teouma archaeological site on Efate in Vanuatu is described. It derives from the Lapita levels (3,000 – 2,800 ybp) and immedi-ately overlying middens extending to ∼2,500 ybp. A total of 30 bird ...
    • A bittern (Aves: Ardeidae) from the Early Miocene of New Zealand 

      Worthy, Trevor; Worthy, Jennifer P; Tennyson, Alan J D; Scofield, R Paul (Springer Verlag, 2013)
    • Boundary restriction for negative emotional images is an example of memory amplification 

      Takarangi, Melanie K T; Oulton, Jacinta M; Green, Deanne M; Strange, Deryn (Sage Publications, 2015-04-02)
      We investigated whether boundary restriction—misremembering proximity to traumatic stimuli—is a form of memory amplification and whether re-experiencing trauma plays a role in boundary restriction errors. In four experiments, ...
    • Carbon-fiber amperometry in the study of exocytosis 

      Duffield, Michael D; Raghupathi, Ravinarayan; Keating, Damien John (Humana Press: Springer, 2014)
      Our laboratory has utilized a non-invasive method of measuring the release of oxidizable molecules from cells, known as carbon-fiber amperometry.
    • Close to me: the effect of asymmetrical environments on spatial attention 

      Nicholls, Michael Elmo Richard; Roden, Sally; Thomas, Nicole A; Loetscher, Tobias; Spence, Charles J; Forte, Jason D (Taylor & Francis, 2014-03-26)
      Attention can be captured by distractors and can affect performance. To examine whether asymmetrical distractors, such as a wall, affect spatial attention, Experiment 1 required participants (n = 20) to determine the ...
    • Cohort Profile: The Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ALSA) 

      Luszcz, Mary Alice; Giles, Lynne Catherine; Anstey, Kaarin Jane; Browne-Yung, Kathryn; Walker, Ruth Ballance; Windsor, Timothy D (Oxford University Press, 2014-12-01)
      In response to the expressed need for more sophisticated and multidisciplinary data concerning ageing of the Australian population, the Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ALSA) was established some two decades ago ...
    • Collecting and conserving code: challenges and strategies 

      Swalwell, Melanie Lorraine; de Vries, Denise Bernadette (Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies, Macquarie University, Sydney, 2013)
      The collection and conservation of code is still in its infancy in Australia. Even where coded items do exist, they are almost completely invisible within local cultural institutions and archives. Born-digital heritage ...
    • Combined effects of cognitive bias for food cues and poor inhibitory control on unhealthy food intake 

      Kakoschke, Naomi; Kemps, Eva Bertha; Tiggemann, Marika (Elsevier BV, 2015-01-12)
      The present study aimed to investigate the combined effects of cognitive bias (attentional and approach biases) and inhibitory control on unhealthy snack food intake. Cognitive biases reflect automatic processing, while ...
    • A computationally and cognitively plausible model of supervised and unsupervised learning 

      Powers, David Martin (Springer-Verlag, 2013-01-01)
      The issue of chance correction has been discussed for many decades in the context of statistics, psychology and machine learning, with multiple measures being shown to have desirable properties, including various definitions ...
    • Cultural value vs culture's value 

      Meyrick, Julian; Barnett, Tully Sarah (Emerald Publishing Group, 2015)
      The problem of culture’s value is assayed by David Throsby in his seminal book Economics and Culture when he puts forward the proposition “the economic impulse is individualistic, the cultural impulse is collective”. This ...
    • Detection of CXCL13 transcript in hepatitis C virus-associated mixed cryoglobulinemia 

      Stempel, Andrew; Appukuttan, Binoy; Smith, Justine R (American Society of Hematology, 2015-02-05)
      CXCL13 – also known as BLC in the mouse and BCA-1 in the human – is a chemokine with high selectivity for B lymphocytes. In seeking primers for detection of human CXCL13, we read the report by Sansonno et al. This work ...
    • Distributions of Virus-Like Particles and Prokaryotes within Microenvironments 

      Dann, Lisa M; Paterson, James; Newton, Kelly; Oliver, Rod L; Mitchell, James Gordon (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      Microbial interactions are important for ecosystem function, but occur at the microscale and so are difficult to observe. Previous studies in marine systems have shown significant shifts in microbial community abundance ...