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    • Distributions of Virus-Like Particles and Prokaryotes within Microenvironments 

      Dann, Lisa M; Paterson, James; Newton, Kelly; Oliver, Rod L; Mitchell, James Gordon (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      Microbial interactions are important for ecosystem function, but occur at the microscale and so are difficult to observe. Previous studies in marine systems have shown significant shifts in microbial community abundance ...
    • Virio- and bacterioplankton microscale distributions at the sediment-water interface 

      Dann, Lisa M; Mitchell, James Gordon; Speck, Peter Gerald; Newton, Kelly; Jeffries, Thomas; Paterson, James (PLOS One, 2014-07-24)
      The marine sediment-water interface is an important location for microbially controlled nutrient and gas exchange processes. While microbial distributions on the sediment side of the interface are well established in many ...