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    • Collecting and conserving code: challenges and strategies 

      Swalwell, Melanie Lorraine; de Vries, Denise Bernadette (Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies, Macquarie University, Sydney, 2013)
      The collection and conservation of code is still in its infancy in Australia. Even where coded items do exist, they are almost completely invisible within local cultural institutions and archives. Born-digital heritage ...
    • The Popular Memory Archive 

      de Vries, Denise Bernadette; Ndalianis, Angela; Stuckey, Helen; Swalwell, Melanie Lorraine (Flinders University, Department of Screen and Media, 2013)
      Digital games make up a significant but little known chapter in the history of the moving image in Australia and New Zealand. This site aims to exhibit some of the significant local games of the 1980s era, and collect ...
    • Remembrance of games past: the Popular Memory Archive 

      Stuckey, Helen; Swalwell, Melanie Lorraine; Ndalianis, Angela; de Vries, Denise Bernadette (ACM Digital Library, 2013)
      Games are one of the most significant cultural forms of our times and yet they are poorly documented in Australia and New Zealand. Knowledge about the history of games is overwhelmingly held by private collectors and fans, ...