Recent Submissions

  • The new child labour? The part-time student workforce in Australia 

    Smith, E; Wilson, L (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2002)
    This paper reports on the findings about part-time school students’ working from a research project, in two Australian States, into school students’ experiences in workplaces. The findings, from a survey and case studies, ...
  • AWAs: A review of the literature and debates 

    Van Barneveld, K; Waring, P (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2002)
    The re-election of the Howard Government in the 2001 federal election has secured the place of AWAs in Australian industrial relations. Yet their continued presence does not remain free of controversy or conjecture. In ...
  • The decline in apprenticeship training in the electrical and associated industries in Victoria 

    Worland, David; Doughney, James (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2002)
    A nation that pursues a knowledge-based approach to economic growth might be expected to view its skill base as an important component of this strategy and the rate of accumulation of trade skills as an important part of ...
  • Peace at last? Recent trends in Australia's industrial action 

    Healy, Joshua Gregory (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2002)
  • Consumer prices and wages in the twentieth century 

    Hancock, K (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2002)
    The purpose of this article is to provide a century-long perspective of prices and wages in Australia. Readers will be aware that over the twentieth century the purchasing power of money declined. They will also know that ...