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    • The decline and fall of the tally system in the meat processing industry 

      Stewart, G (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2002)
      As a major export industry with a tradition of adversarial industrial relations, the meat processing industry in Australia has attracted the attention of parties interested in reforming its working practices and arrangements. ...
    • The equity effects of labour market programs 

      Webster, E; Johnson, D (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2002)
      Labour market programs aim to enhance both total employment and equality of job opportunities. The existing literature implies that any assistance to a disadvantaged group will promote equity. This study attempts to present ...
    • Minimum wages: Employment and welfare effects, or why Card and Krueger were wrong 

      Moore, D (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2002)
      Many qualified analysts are unconvinced by the case advanced by US economists Card and Krueger (C and K) that, within limits, the employment effects of raising the minimum wage will be zero or positive. Indeed, examinations ...