Recent Submissions

  • Paid maternity leave: The good, the bad, the ugly 

    Baird, M (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2003)
    "In Australia’s masculine wage-earner welfare state, paid maternity leave was an employment entitlement largely ignored by government, unions and employers. Consequently, Australia lags well behind the rest of the world ...
  • Bargaining for welfare: Gender consequences of Australia's dual welfare model 

    Jefferson, Therese; Preston, Alison (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2003)
    "The tradition in Australia of delivering welfare benefits through the industrial relations system rather than through social insurance schemes has important implications for coverage and adequacy of important forms of ...
  • Employment entitlements and casual status: Lessons from two Queensland cases 

    Whitehouse, G; Rooney, T (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2003)
    "Casual status is commonly understood to exclude the entitlements associated with ongoing employment relationships. In Australia, however, the definition of casual employment has never been precise, and a high proportion ...
  • Employment benefits in enterprise agreements: An overview 

    McGrath-Champ, S (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2003)
  • Protection for employment entitlements: A legal perspective 

    Riley, J (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2003)
    "Employees who have rendered faithful service, often trading off immediate pay increases for the promise of improved leave and redundancy benefits, do so trusting that the employer will honour those entitlements. As many ...
  • Legislating for benefits - NSW 1941-1958 

    Patmore, G (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2003)
    "This article examines the general legislation introduced by NSW Labor Governments for annual leave, sick leave and long service leave during the period from 1941 to 1958. The innovative legislation for annual leave and ...
  • Employment entitlements: Development, access, flexibility and protection 

    Burgess, J; Baird, M (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2003)
    "Employment entitlements are currently in the public policy domain largely due to the loss of entitlements associated with corporate failure and to the absence of a specific entitlement, paid maternity leave, in the ...