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    • Bargaining with Giants: why is there no dialogue with China over iron ore? 

      Leaver, Richard (2014-07-30)
      The attempt to create a stable diplomatic triangle out of relations between brothers number one, two and twelve is a fraught enterprise, and most particularly so when hard security issues are front and centre. On the other ...
    • The Gulf and Asian Energy Requirements: Secure Supply or Oil on the Water? 

      Bruni, John (2014-08-06)
      The paper addresses: • The Asian economic giants, China, India, Japan and South Korea require secure supply of Gulf oil and gas resources to fuel their burgeoning manufacturing sectors. • Gulf countries find themselves ...
    • China and the United States after the crises: a zero-sum battle for jobs and growth? 

      Schwartz, Herman (2014-08-06)
      Up until about 2005, the United States and China had a symbiotic relationship with respect to growth and employment. China exported exceedingly cheap labor-intense goods to the United States and the world, and recycled ...
    • China's Approach to BRICS 

      Cheng, Joseph Y. S. (2014-08-06)
      The economic rise of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) inevitably leads to a redistribution of power in the international system. Chinese leaders today accord a considerable priority to this ...
    • The US pivot to Asia 

      Dupont, Alan (2014-08-22)
      The US may have pivoted back to Asia and the Pacific rhetorically, but does it have the muscle and staying power to reassert itself in a region that it has dominated for nearly seven decades? US competitors, especially ...
    • A Media Approach to China-US Relations 

      Li, Zipeng (2014-08-22)
      A comparative study of Chinese and US newspaper reports on the summit between Xi Jinping and Obama in June 2013.
    • The Changing Political Langscape in Malaysia 

      Govindasamy, Anantha Raman (2014-09-03)
      The focus of my presentation is to examine contemporary socio-economic and political development in Malaysia. Key contesting issues such as good governance, Islamisation, state economic development, minority rights, electoral ...
    • Emergence of Local Politics in Indonesia 

      Sulistiyanto, Priyambudi (2014-09-03)
      This presentation explores the emergence of local politics in Indonesia. Unlike the national elections which since the fall of Soeharto in 1998 have been held three times, in 1999 (parliamentary elections), 2004 and 2009 ...
    • Socio-Economic and Political Change in the DPRK 

      Habib, Benjamin (2014-09-03)
      The present moment represents an inflection point marking the end of Kim Jong Il-era muddle through and the beginning of Kim Jong Un's determined and pro-active regime consolidation phase. Rightly or wrongly, Kim Jong ...
    • Contested Governance & Values in Contemporary Japanese Politics 

      Lam, Peng Er (2014-09-03)
      • Main axis of political contestation in postwar Japan is not between “Western” and “Asian values” but the struggle for the constitutional “soul” of Japan --- embracing or rejecting the pacifistic constitution (with the ...
    • Regional Maritime Security in East Asia 

      Barker Gale, Jessie; Rogers, Zac; Willis, David (2015-06-03)
      Increasingly, it appears that the status quo of the East Asian maritime region is encountering subtle shifts which are eroding the stability of its condition. Regional states are registering higher levels of strategic ...