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    • The Umoona Kidney Project 

      Shephard, Mark Douglas; Brown, Michael A; Hudson, Maryanne; Riessen, Cissie; Braun, Janice (Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker Journal, 2000)
      Kidney disease is one of the most serious problems facing Aboriginal Australians. Nationally the number of Aboriginal people with advanced or end-stage kidney disease is six times that of non-Aboriginal Australians. It has ...
    • Understanding Australian policies on public health using social and political science theories: reflections from an Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia Workshop 

      Baum, Fran; Graycar, Adam; Delany-Crowe, Toni; de Leeuw, Evelyne; Bacchi, Carol; Popay, Jennie; Orchard, Lionel; Colebatch, Hal; Friel, Sharon; MacDougall, Colin James; Harris, Elizabeth; Lawless, Angela Patricia; McDermott, Dennis Roy; Fisher, Matthew; Harris, Patrick; Phillips, Clare; Fitzgerald, Jane (Oxford University Press, 2018-04-19)
      There is strong, and growing, evidence documenting health inequities across the world. However, most governments do not prioritize policies to encourage action on the social determinants of health and health equity. ...
    • Understanding burn injuries in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children: protocol for a prospective cohort study 

      Ivers, Rebecca Q; Hunter, Kate; Clapham, Kathleen; Coombes, Julieann; Fraser, Sarah; Lo, Serigne; Gabbe, Belinda J; Hendrie, Delia; Read, David; Kimble, Roy; Sparnon, Anthony; Stockton, Kellie; Simpson, Renee; Quinn, Linda; Towers, Kurt; Potokar, Tom S; MacKean, Tamara Jade; Grant, Julian; Lyons, Ronan; Jones, Lindsey; Eades, Sandra; Daniels, John; Holland, Andrew J A (BMJ Publishing group, 2015-10-13)
      Introduction Although Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Australia have higher risk of burns compared with non-Aboriginal children, their access to burn care, particularly postdischarge care, is poorly ...
    • Understanding everyday money skills for young people with disabilities 

      Hordacre, Ann-Louise (Australian Industrial Transformation Institute, 2016-10)
      Financial literacy is commonly recognised as referring to the skills, knowledge and confidence that support individuals making informed and effective decisions about the use and management of their money across a range of ...
    • Understanding the policy cycle and knowledge translation for researchers (A researcher’s guide) 

      Brown, Lynsey; Hagger, Christina; Bywood, Petra Teresia (Primary Health Care Research & Information Service, 2015)
      This RESEARCH ROUNDup introduces knowledge translation, suggests avenues where research evidence can inform different stages of the policy cycle, and provides some practical tips for researchers.
    • Upper Gulf St Vincent Marine Park Impact Statement 

      Econsearch; Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre; Kirkman, Hugh; Bryars, Simon; Brook, James (EconSearch Pty Ltd, 2012)
      Located in the Gulf St Vincent bioregion, the Upper Gulf St Vincent Marine Park lies north of a line from Parara Point to the northern end of Port Gawler Beach. This marine park partially overlays parts of Wills Creek ...
    • Upper South East Marine Park Impact Statement 

      Econsearch; Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre; Kirkman, Hugh; Bryars, Simon; Brook, James (EconSearch Pty Ltd, 2012)
      The Upper South East Marine Park covers 906km2 and is divided into two sections: from 11 km north of Tea Tree Crossing to the Maria Creek outlet in Kingston and from Wright Bay to the northern most point of Stinky Bay. ...
    • Upper Spencer Gulf Marine Park Impact Statement 

      Econsearch; Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre; Kirkman, Hugh; Bryars, Simon; Brook, James (EconSearch Pty Ltd, 2012)
      The Upper Spencer Gulf Marine Park covers waters north of a line from the southern end of the Whyalla-Cowleds Landing Aquatic Reserve on the western side of Spencer Gulf to Jarrold Point on the eastern shore. The park also ...
    • The US pivot to Asia 

      Dupont, Alan (2014-08-22)
      The US may have pivoted back to Asia and the Pacific rhetorically, but does it have the muscle and staying power to reassert itself in a region that it has dominated for nearly seven decades? US competitors, especially ...
    • Use of advance directives by South Australians: Results from the Health Ominbus Survey Spring 2012. 

      Bradley, Sandra L; Woodman, Richard John; Tieman, Jennifer; Phillips, Paddy Andrew (Australasian Medical Publishing Company Ltd, 2014)
      Objective: To determine the prevalence of completion of advance directives (ADs) and wills by South Australians aged 15 years and over. Design, setting and participants: Statewide population-based survey of a single member ...
    • Use of chronic disease management software in Australia 

      Erny-Albrecht, Katrina (Primary Health Care Research & Information Service, 2015)
      Computer based chronic disease management or clinical decision software packages are being developed partly in response to the barriers to optimal care identified by general practitioners: complexity of care regimens, ...
    • Use of mobile phones as a vehicle to increase internet use to improve health and wellbeing in South Australia 

      Newman, Lareen Ann; Biedrzycki, Katherine Rebecca (Flinders University Southgate Institute, 2009-12)
      This report is written to help inform policy directions to achieve the Broadband Usage target in the South Australian Strategic Plan while supporting improved population health under the SA Government’s Health In All ...
    • Use of telehealth for health care of Indigenous peoples with chronic conditions: a systematic review 

      Fraser, Sarah; MacKean, Tamara Jade; Grant, Julian; Hunter, Kate; Towers, Kurt; Ivers, Rebecca Q (James Cook University, 2017-09-20)
      Introduction: Telehealth may be a cost effective modality in healthcare delivery, but how well used or how appropriate it is for the care of Indigenous peoples is unclear. This review examines the evidence for telehealth ...
    • The usefulness of Vistech and FACT contrast sensitivity charts for cataract and refractive surgery outcomes research 

      Pesudovs, Konrad; Hazel, Charlotte A; Doran, Robert M L; Elliott, David B (BMJ Publishing Group -, 2004-01)
      AIM: To investigate the repeatability and sensitivity of two commonly used sine wave patch charts for contrast sensitivity (CS) measurement in cataract and refractive surgery outcomes. METHODS: The Vistech CS chart and its ...
    • Using a search filter to navigate the sea of research information 

      Brown, Lynsey (Primary Health Care Research and Information Service, 2015)
      When it comes to information sharing it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of literature available. PHCRIS Researcher, Dr Lynsey Brown, introduces useful tools to help you navigate the sea of information.
    • Using the Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change to describe readiness to rescreen for colorectal cancer with Faecal Occult Blood Testing 

      Duncan, Amy; Turnbull, Deborah; Gregory, Tess Anne; Cole, Stephen Russell; Young, Graeme Paul; Flight, Ingrid; Wilson, Carlene J (CSIRO Publishing, 2012)
      Issue addressed: This study used the Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change (TTM) to describe reparticipation in colorectal cancer (CRC) screening according to social cognitive and background variables. Methods: A ...
    • Validating Synthetic Health Datasets for Longitudinal Clustering 

      Ghassem Pour, S; Maeder, Anthony; Jorm, L (2013)
      Clustering methods partition datasets into subgroups with some homogeneous properties, with information about the number and particular characteristics of each subgroup unknown a priori. The problem of predicting the number ...
    • Validation study of a Chinese version of Partners in Health in Hong Kong (C-PIH HK) 

      Chiu, Theresa Mei Lee; Tam, Katharine Tai Wo; Siu, Choi Fong; Chau, Phyllis Wai Ping; Battersby, Malcolm Wayne (Springer, 2016-05-23)
      Background The Partners in Health (PIH) scale is a measure designed to assess the generic knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and impacts of self-management. A cross-cultural adaptation of the PIH for use in Hong Kong was ...
    • Validity of a visual impairment questionnaire in measuring cataract surgery outcomes [post print] 

      Pesudovs, Konrad; Caudle, Lynda Elisabeth; Rees, Guy; Lamoureux, Ecosse L (Elsevier, 2008-06)
      PURPOSE: To test the validity of the Impact of Visual Impairment (IVI) questionnaire in a cataract population. SETTING: Flinders Eye Centre, Flinders Medical Centre, Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia. METHODS: ...
    • Validity of the Adaptation to Age-related Vision Loss Scale in an Australian Cataract Population 

      Gothwal, Vijaya; Wright, Thomas; Lamoureux, Ecosse L; Pesudovs, Konrad (Spanish Council of Optometry, 2009)
      Purpose: The Adaptation to Age-related Vision Loss (AVL) scale was developed to measure the adjustment of older adults who are adapting to late-life vision loss. The purpose of this study was to assess whether the AVL scale ...