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    • Establishing a lineage for medical knowledge discovery 

      Roddick, John Francis; Shillabeer, Annette (Australian Computer Society, 2007)
      Medical science has a long history characterised by incidents of extraordinary insights that have resulted in a paradigm shift in the methodologies and approaches used and have moved the discipline forward. While knowledge ...
    • On the arguments against the application of data mining to medical data analysis 

      Shillabeer, Annette; Roddick, John Francis; de Vries, Denise Bernadette (IDAMAP, 2006)
      There is a variety of criticisms of medical data mining which has led, in some cases, to the technology being overlooked as a tool. This paper presents a discussion of six of the strongest arguments against the application ...
    • Towards Role Based Hypothesis Evaluation for Health Data Mining 

      Shillabeer, Annette; Roddick, John Francis (2006)
      Data mining researchers have long been concerned with the application of tools to facilitate and improve data analysis on large, complex data sets. The current challenge is to make data mining and knowledge discovery systems ...