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    • Non-Coding RNA Journal Club: Highlights on Recent Papers—7 

      Xiao, Hua; Shiu, Patrick K T; Gabryleska, Marta; Conn, Simon; Dey, Abhishek; Chakrabarti, Kausik; Regouc, Manuel; Pichler, Martin; Orom, Ulf Andersson Vang; Santulli, Gaetano; Nishiwada, Satoshi; Goel, Ajay; Nagarajan, Vaishnavi; Timmons, Lisa; Alahari, Suresh K; Laprovitera, Noemi; Ferracin, Manuela; Hu, Po; Jin, Hailing (MDPI, 2019-06-11)
      We are delighted to share with you our seventh Journal Club and highlight some of the most interesting papers published recently. We hope to keep you up-to-date with non-coding RNA research works that are outside your study ...