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    • The Responsibility to Recontact Research Participants after Reinterpretation of Genetic and Genomic Research Results 

      Bombard, Yvonne; Brothers, Kyle B; Fitzgerald-Butt, Sara; Garrison, Nanibaa' A; Jamal, Leila; James, Cynthia A; Jarvik, Gail P; McCormick, Jennifer B; Nelson, Tanya N; Ormond, Kelly E; Rehm, Heidi L; Richer, Julie; Souzeau, Emmanuelle; Vassy, Jason L; Wagner, Jennifer K; Levy, Howard P (Elsevier, 2019-04-04)
      The evidence base supporting genetic and genomic sequence-variant interpretations is continuously evolving. An inherent consequence is that a variant’s clinical significance might be reinterpreted over time as new evidence ...