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    • Angiopoietin-1 is required for Schlemm’s canal development in mice and humans 

      Thomson, Benjamin R; Souma, Tomokazu; Tompson, Stuart W; Onay, Tuncer; Kizhatil, Krishnakumar; Siggs, Owen M; Feng, Liang; Whisenhunt, Kristina N; Yanovitch, Tammy L; Kalaydjieva, Luba; Azmanov, Dimitar N; Finzi, Simone; Tanna, Christine A; Hewitt, Alex W; Mackey, David A; Bradfield, Yasmin S; Souzeau, Emmanuelle; Javadiyan, Shahrbanou; Wiggs, Janey L; Pasutto, Francesca; Liu, Xiaorong; John, Simon W M; Craig, Jamie E; Jin, Jing; Young, Terri L; Quaggin, Susan (American Society for Clinical Investigation, 2017-11)
      Primary congenital glaucoma (PCG) is a leading cause of blindness in children worldwide and is caused by developmental defects in 2 aqueous humor outflow structures, Schlemm’s canal (SC) and the trabecular meshwork. We ...