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    • Mainland Chinese students’ self-appraisals of their psychological dispositions at school 

      Askell-Williams, Helen; Skrzypiec, Grace; Zhao, Xueqin; Cao, Fei (Springer, 2017-10-17)
      This paper reports mainland Chinese students’ self-appraisals about their psychological dispositions whilst at school. Increasing interest has turned to factors such as resilience, wellbeing, flourishing, happiness and ...
    • Predictors of Mainland Chinese students’ well‐being 

      Skrzypiec, Grace; Askell-Williams, Helen; Zhao, Xueqin; Du, Wenping; Cao, Fei; Xing, Lihong (Wiley, 2018-04-20)
      There has been substantial research in the USA, Europe and Australia about factors influencing students’ wellbeing. However, such research has been relatively rare in mainland China. We administered four predictor scales ...