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    • Collaboration with parents/carers in KidsMatter school 

      Skrzypiec, Grace; Slee, Phillip T; Askell-Williams, Helen (Sense Publications, 2017)
    • Educational community stakeholders' perspectives about teachers' responsibilities for mental health promotion in Maltese schools 

      Askell-Williams, Helen; Cefai, Carmel; Skrzypiec, Grace; Wyra, Mirella Dorota (Publications Committee, Faculty of Education, University of Malta, 2013-06)
      The role of school teachers in promoting students’ mental health is receiving increasing international attention. However, before venturing into schools with new initiatives such as mental health promotion, it is essential ...
    • Exploring Three Measures of Student Wellbeing 

      Skrzypiec, Grace; Askell-Williams, Helen; Slee, Phillip T (Information Science Reference (an imprint of IGI Global), 2015)
      There has been limited consensus on how young people's wellbeing should be measured (O'Hare & Gutierrez, 2012). One approach, suggested by Lau and Bradshaw (2010), is that people’s subjective judgments capture the essence ...
    • IB middle years program (MYP): Student social-emotional well-being and school success practices 

      Skrzypiec, Grace; Askell-Williams, Helen; Slee, Phillip T; Rudzinski, Adrian (International Baccalaureate Organisation, 2014-04)
    • Implementing a new initiative in mental health in Australian primary schools 

      Lawson, Mike Joseph; Askell-Williams, Helen; Dix, Katherine Louise; Slee, Phillip T; Skrzypiec, Grace; Spears, Barbara (Australian Association for Research in Education Inc, 2009-11)
      Student wellbeing is of central concern for parents/caregivers and teachers and for state and national governments. In Australia in recent times several major initiatives have been undertaken to address the area of student ...
    • Involvement in Bullying During High School: A Survival Analysis Approach 

      Skrzypiec, Grace; Askell-Williams, Helen; Slee, Phillip T; Lawson, Mike Joseph (Springer Publishing Company, 2018-06-01)
      Knowledge about the risks of bullying involvement during any year of high school is an important element of interventions for changing the likelihood of being bullied. Three cohorts of Australian students (n = 1,382) were ...
    • KidsMatter Early Childhood Evaluation in Services with High Proportions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children 

      Slee, Phillip T; Skrzypiec, Grace; Dix, Katherine Louise; Murray-Harvey, Rosalind; Askell-Williams, Helen (Shannon Research Press, 2012-09)
      This is the report of an evaluation of the implementation of KidsMatter Early Childhood (KMEC) in early child care services with relatively higher proportions of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander children situated within ...
    • KidsMatter Early Childhood Evaluation Report 

      Slee, Phillip T; Murray-Harvey, Rosalind; Dix, Katherine Louise; Skrzypiec, Grace; Askell-Williams, Helen; Lawson, Mike Joseph; Krieg, Susan (Shannon Research Press, 2012-07)
      KidsMatter Early Childhood is the Australian national early childhood mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention initiative specifically developed for early childhood services. It was trialled in 111 long ...
    • KidsMatter Primary Evaluation Final Report 

      Slee, Phillip T; Lawson, Mike Joseph; Russell, Alan; Askell-Williams, Helen; Dix, Katherine Louise; Owens, Laurence David; Skrzypiec, Grace; Spears, Barbara (Flinders University, 2009-12)
      KidsMatter is an approach to the promotion of good mental health, the prevention of mental illness, and early intervention where problems arise. It requires a whole-of-school approach and has four key components – a positive ...
    • Mainland Chinese students’ mental health: baseline data and cautionary notes when exporting/importing psychological scales 

      Askell-Williams, Helen; Skrzypiec, Grace; Cao, Fei; Jin, Yan (Taylor & Francis Group, 2018-05-29)
      There is a growing interest in mainland China about schools’ roles in supporting students to develop positive mental health. However, relatively little data have been collected about mainland Chinese students’ mental health. ...
    • Scaffolding cognitive and metacognitive strategy instruction in regular class lessons 

      Askell-Williams, Helen; Lawson, Mike Joseph; Skrzypiec, Grace (Springer Science + Business Media, 2012)
      The quality of teachers’ knowledge about how people learn influences students’ learning outcomes. Similarly, the quality of students’ knowledge about how they learn influences their engagement in self-regulated learning ...
    • Students' experience of the first term in high school 

      Lawson, Mike Joseph; Wyra, Mirella Dorota; Skrzypiec, Grace; Askell-Williams, Helen (Australian Association for Research in Education Inc, 2008-12)