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    • The V.O.C. Ship 'Zeewijk' 1727. Report on the 1976 survey of the Site 

      Ingelman-Sundberg, Catharine (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-11)
      The Dutch East Indiaman 'Zeewijk', which foundered in 1727, is the youngest of five East Indiamen known to have been wrecked off the Western Australian coast. This paper deals with the different types of work carried out ...
    • An Archaeological Survey on Port Jackson, Sydney 

      Ross, Anne; Specht, Jim (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-11)
      During the period April to December 1975, the Anthropological Society of New South Wales conducted an archaeological survey around Bantry Bay on the northern side of Port Jackson, Sydney.
    • Current Work in the Anthropology Department, National Museum of Victoria 

      West, A L (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-11)
      Research being conducted by the Anthropology Department, National Museum of Victoria.
    • Table of Contents 

      Unknown author (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-11)
    • Dempsey's Lake Palaeontological and Archaeological Site 

      Lampert, Ronald John (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-11)
      Investigation of sand dunes running along Dempsey's Lake in South Australia, some 6km northwest of Port Augusta. Analysis of possible Kartan industry tools and Diprotodon bones.
    • Journal Notifications 

      Unknown author (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-11)
    • Australian Ground Stone Hatchets: Their Design and Dynamics 

      Dickson, F P (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-11)
      The general purpose tool of the Australian Aborigines, usually known as a stone axe, is more correctly termed a hatchet since it conforms to the design requirements of a tool made for one-handed use. Similar implements not ...
    • Archaeology at the University of New England, 1975-6 

      Connah, Graham (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-11)
      An account of current research at the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology, University of New England, was published in Australian Archaeology 3, just a year ago (Connah, 1975) . The purpose of the present account is ...
    • Archaeological Research Department of Anthropology, Australiam (sic) Museum, Sydney 

      Moore, David R (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-11)
      Research conducted by the Department of Anthropology, Australian Museum, Sydney, as part of David Moore's Hunter Valley Archaeological Survey.