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    • Interview with Geoff Anderson on industrial democracy 

      Anderson, Geoffrey More [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2008-10-30)
      Interview with Geoff Anderson by George Lewkowicz from the Don Dunstan Foundation held on October 3, 2007. Geoff Anderson worked in the Industrial Democracy Unit on the implementation of industrial democracy in the 1970s. ...
    • Interview with Maurie Downer 

      Downer, Maurie [Interviewee]; Hutchings, Alan [Interviewer] (2008-10-30)
      Interview with Maurie Downer by Alan Hutchings on 24 September 2007. Maurie Downer, developer was involved in the Dunstan years with some of Adelaide’s development.
    • Interview with Philip Bentley on industrial democracy 

      Bentley, Philip [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2008-10-30)
      Interview with Philip Bentley by George Lewkowicz from the Don Dunstan Foundation held on November 5, 2007. Philip Bentley, politician and economist, was Director of the Industrial Democracy Unit during Don Dunstan's ...
    • Interview with Charles Connelly on industrial democracy 

      Connelly, Charles [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2008-10-31)
      Interview with Charles Connelly by George Lewkowicz on 26th March 2008 at the Don Dunstan Foundation. Charles Connelly worked in the Industrial Democracy Unit during Don Dunstan's government. In this interview he discusses ...
    • Interview with Nick Bolkus 

      Bolkus, Nick [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2008-10-31)
      Interview with Nick Bolkus by George Lewkowicz from the Don Dunstan Foundation. Nick was a Federal politician and grew up in Adelaide, South Australia. He talks about Don Dunstan, politics, multiculturalism and the Greek ...
    • Interview with Sue Briton-Jones 

      Briton-Jones, Sue [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2008-10-31)
      Interview with Sue Briton-Jones by George Lewkowicz from the Don Dunstan Foundation. Sue discusses Aboriginal rights, planning and the environment in the Dunstan years. The interview was held on the 20th December 2007.
    • Interview with Ray Bunker 

      Bunker, Ray [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2008-10-31)
      Interview with Ray Bunker by George Lewkowicz from the Don Dunstan Foundation. Ray Bunker discusses urban and regional development in the Dunstan years. The interview was held on December 14, 2007.
    • Interview with Stuart Hart 

      Hart, Stuart [Interviewee]; Hutchings, Alan [Interviewer] (2008-10-31)
      Interview with Stuart Hart by Alan Hutchings on 11th July 2007. Stuart Hart was Director of Planning for many years including the Dunstan Decade. In this interview, Stuart discusses planning policy and legislation in South ...
    • Interview with Don Hopgood 

      Hopgood, Don [Interviewee]; Linn, Rob [Interviewer] (2008-11-05)
      Interview with Don Hopgood by Rob Linn on 20th November 2007. Don Hopgood became a Minister after the 1970 election and spent 23 years in Parliament. During this time, he worked in the governments of Don Dunstan, Des ...
    • Interview with Ted Correll on South Australian tourism 

      Correll, Ted [Interviewee]; Hutchings, Alan [Interviewer] (2008-11-05)
      Interview with Ted Correll by Alan Hutchings on 8th April 2008. Ted Correl was Deputy Director of the South Australian Government Tourist Bureau in the 1970s. In this interview he discusses tourism development during Don ...
    • Interview with Graham Foreman 

      Foreman, Graham [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2008-11-05)
      Interview with Graham Foreman by George Lewkowicz for the Don Dunstan History Project. Graham Foreman worked in the Policy Division of the Premier’s Department and on the Public Service Board in the 1970s. He discusses Don ...
    • Interview with Alan Hutchings 

      Hutchings, Alan [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2008-11-06)
      Interview with Alan Hutchings by George Lewkowicz on November 12, 2007. Alan Hutchings worked in the planning area for many years, including the Dunstan era. He was Director of Town Planning for Monarto and has written ...
    • Interview with Marjorie Fitzgerald 

      Fitzgerald, Marjorie [Interviewee]; Morgan, Felicity [Interviewer] (2008-11-06)
      Interview with Marjorie Fitzgerald (OAM) by Felicity Morgan on August 21, 2007. Marjorie Fitzgerald contributed to Don Dunstan’s election campaigns in the seat of Norwood. In this interview she discusses her memories of ...
    • Interview with George Giannoupoulos 

      Giannoupoulos, George [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2008-11-06)
      Interview with George Giannoupoulos by George Lewkowicz. George Giannoupoulos was involved in the early days of the Ethnic Affairs Branch. As a young boy, George migrated to Australia from Greece in 1953. In this interview, ...
    • Interview with Eugenia Koussidis, formerly Eva Koussidis 

      Koussidis, Eugenia [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2008-11-06)
      Interview with Eugenia Koussidis, formerly known as Eva Koussidis, by George Lewkowicz. Eva was appointed by Don Dunstan in 1975 as the Inquiry Officer to assist migrants, particularly the Greek community with their problems. ...
    • Interview with Len King (AC QC) 

      King, Len [Interviewee]; Donovan, Peter [Interviewer] (2008-11-07)
      Interview with Len King by Peter Donovan on the 10th November 2004 for the Don Dunstan Foundation. Honourable Len King, ACQC, is a former Chief Justice and also was Attorney-General in the Dunstan government. In this ...
    • Interview with Max Lieberman 

      Lieberman, Max [Interviewee]; Hutchings, Alan [Interviewer] (2008-11-07)
      Interview with Max Lieberman by Alan Hutchings. Max Lieberman was one of the major private developers planning, constructing and designing the suburbs of Adelaide in the 1970s during the Dunstan Era.
    • Interview with Andrew Lothian 

      Lothian, Andrew [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2008-11-07)
      Interview with Andrew Lothian by George Lewkowicz on environment and conservation in the Dunstan Government years, particularly in the 1970s. The interview was held on the 6th May, 2008.
    • Interview with Anne MacMahon 

      MacMahon, Anne [Interviewee]; Allen, Margaret [Interviewer] (2008-11-07)
      Interview with Anne MacMahon by Margaret Allen on 9th May, 2007. Anne MacMahon worked as Personal Assistant to Don Dunstan.
    • Interview with Brian Martin 

      Martin, Brian [Interviewee]; Hutchings, Alan [Interviewer] (2008-11-13)
      Interview with Brian Martin by Alan Hutchings on 15th April, 2008. Brian Martin was formerly Managing Director of the Delfin Group. In this interview, Brian discusses urban development and town planning under the Dunstan ...