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    • Interview with Rob George 

      Morgan, Felicity [Interviewer]; George, Rob [Interviewee] (2011-07-14)
      Interview with Rob George by Felicity Morgan about his contribution to the arts in South Australia during the period of Don Dunstan's premiership, specifically in the field of theatre. The interview was held on 9th March, 2011.
    • Interview with Doug Claessen 

      Claessen, Doug [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2011-07-14)
      Interview with Doug Claessen by George Lewkowicz. Doug Claessen was Don Dunstan's secretary. In this interview, Doug discusses his work and knowledge of Don Dunstan. The interview was held on 31st March 2008.
    • Interview with David Combe 

      Combe, David [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2011-07-14)
      Interview with David Combe by George Lewkowicz on 2nd May 2008. In this interview, David discusses his work with Don Dunstan as private secretary and then later his work through the Australian Labor Party.
    • Interview with Michael Forwood 

      Forwood, Michael[Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2011-07-14)
      Interview with Michael Forwood by George Lewkowicz. Michael Forwood's work in the Premier’s Department, in health policy and the Health Commission is discussed. The interview was held on the 6th October 2009.
    • Interview with Graham Gunn 

      Gunn, Graham [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2011-07-14)
      Interview with Graham Gunn by George Lewkowicz. Graham Gunn was elected the Member for Eyre on the 30th May 1970 and was the Member for Stuart from 1997 to 2010. The interview was held on the 18th August 2009.
    • Statement by Mike Duigan for Don Dunstan Oral History Project 

      Duigan, Mike [Interviewee] (2011-07-14)
      Statement by Mike Duigan for Don Dunstan Oral History Project. Mike Duigan's statement covers the period from about 1968 through until about 2005 or 2006 in the year or so prior to Dunstan’s death.
    • Interview with Robert Gregory 

      Gregory, Robert [Interviewee]; Duigan, Mike [Interviewer] (2011-07-14)
      Interview with Bob Gregory by Mike Duigan. Bob Gregory is former Secretary of the Trades and Labour Council, former Minister for Labor and a member of State Parliament.
    • Interview with John Cornwall 

      Cornwall, John [Interviewee]; Duigan, Mike [Interviewer] (2011-07-14)
      Interview with John Cornwall by Mike Duigan. John Cornwall is a former Member of the South Australian Legislative Council and member of the South Australian Government.
    • Interview with Molly Byrne 

      Byrne, Molly [Interviewee]; Allen, Margaret [Interviewer] (2011-07-12)
      Interview with Mrs Molly Byrne by Dr Margaret Allen. Molly Byrne was the first Labor woman elected to the South Australian Parliament in 1965 representing the seat of Barossa. Later, she represented the seats of Todd and ...
    • Interview with George Lewkowicz 

      Lewkowicz, George [Interviewee]; Guerin, Bruce [Interviewer] (2011-07-12)
      Interview with George Lewkowicz by Bruce Guerin on 22nd and 29th March 2011. Also includes an addendum by George Lewkowicz dated 29th April 2011. George discusses his work in the Premier’s Department in the 1970s.
    • Interview with Mike Rann 

      Rann, Mike [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2011-07-07)
      Two interviews with Mike Rann by George Lewkowicz on January 28 and February 10, 2009. Mike Rann was Premier of South Australia from 2002 to 2011. During the Dunstan era, he worked in the Industrial Democracy Unit, then ...
    • Interview with Luigi Timpano 

      Timpano, Luigi [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2011-07-07)
      Interview with Luigi Timpano by George Lewkowicz. Luigi Timpano was Senior Interpreter/Translator in the State Government Interpreting and Translating Service set up by Don Dunstan's government. He discusses multicultural ...
    • Interview with Greg Crafter 

      Crafter, Greg [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2011-07-07)
      Interview with Greg Crafter by George Lewkowicz on 2nd May, 2008. Greg worked for Don Dunstan as a member of the Inquiry Unit in the Premier’s Department in the early 1970s.
    • Interview with Lindsay Bowes 

      Bowes, Lindsay [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2011-07-07)
      Interview with Lindsay Bowes by George Lewkowicz. Mr. Bowes was head of the Department of Labour and Industry in the Dunstan periods but, before that, was the permanent head of the Department as of 1959. The interview was ...
    • Interview with Bob Bakewell 

      Bakewell, Bob [Interviewee]; Linn, Rob [Interviewer] (2011-07-07)
      Interview with Bob Bakewell by Rob Linn on 24th February 2005. Bob Bakewell was Public Service Commissioner, then later Director General of the Premier's Department during the Don Dunstan era.
    • Interview with R. F. I. Smith 

      Smith, Robert Frederick Ingram [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2011-07-07)
      Interview with R. F. I. (Robert Frederick Ingram) Smith by George Lewkowicz. Bob worked in the Premier’s Department in the 1970s, has written on public service and policy making. In this interview, he discusses the Premier's ...
    • Interview with Elizabeth Silsbury 

      Silsbury, Elizabeth [Interviewee]; Morgan, Felicity [Interviewer] (2011-07-07)
      Interview with Ms Elizabeth Silsbury OAM by Felicity Morgan on 14th January 2010. The interview discusses Ms Silsbury's contribution to the development of the arts in South Australia during Don Dunstan’s Premiership, ...
    • Interview with Robin Millhouse 

      Millhouse, Robin [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2011-07-07)
      Interview with Chief Justice Robin Millhouse by George Lewkowicz on 6th May 2010. Chief Justice Millhouse was a parliamentarian in the South Australian Parliament who started in parliament in 1955. Therefore, he has a long ...
    • Interview with George Ogilvie 

      Ogilvie, George [Interviewee]; Morgan, Felicity [Interviewer] (2011-07-07)
      Interview with George Ogilvie about his contribution to the development of the performing arts in South Australia, specifically as Artistic Director of the South Australian Theatre Company between 1972 and 1976 during Don ...
    • Interview with John Steinle 

      Steinle, John [Interviewee]; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer] (2011-07-07)
      Interview with John Steinle by George Lewkowicz. John Steinle was a senior executive and permanent head, Director General of the Department of Education in the early ’70s and later Director General in 1977 until 1988. The ...