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dc.contributor.authorBurchell, Brian
dc.contributor.authorGuillemette, Chantal
dc.contributor.authorIyanagi, T
dc.contributor.authorMiners, John Oliver
dc.contributor.authorOwens, Ida S
dc.contributor.authorNerbert, Daniel W
dc.contributor.authorIkushiro, S
dc.contributor.authorMackenzie, Peter Ian
dc.contributor.authorBock, Karl Walter
dc.identifier.citationMackenzie, P.I., Bock, K.W., Burchell, B., Guillemette, C., Iyanagi, T., Miners, J.O., et al. (2005). Nomenclature update for the mammalian UDP glycosyltransferase (UGT) gene superfamily. Pharmacogenetics and Genomics, 15(10) pp. 677-685.en
dc.titleNomenclature update for the mammalian UDP glycosyltransferase (UGT) gene superfamilyen_US
dc.subject.forgroup1115 Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciencesen_US
local.contributor.authorOrcidLookupMackenzie, Peter Ian:

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