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    • Affirmation For Tradition. Womadelaide 2004 [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (The Adelaide Review, 2004-04)
      This year was going to be a testing one for Womadelaide. It was the beginning of annual stagings of the event and the first time, since inception in 1992, that it had been re-incorporated into the Adelaide Festival. Some ...
    • Big World. Womadelaide 2001 [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (The Adelaide Review, 2001-03)
      Womadelaide Mark Six has come and gone and its remarkable continuity is again assured. The key to its success is clear. It is well-funded, well managed and has a modus operandi that not only works but is shared by the ...
    • Cabaret Funnies - Fond and Furious. "iBob" by Bob Downe, "We Don't Have Husbands" by the Kransky Sisters, and "The Big Con" by Max Gilles and Eddie Perfect. Adelaide Cabaret Festival [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (The Adelaide Review, 2005-07-08)
      The Adelaide Cabaret Festival, in part, arose from the need to separate from the avalanche of stand-up comedy that dominates the Fringe. However, there has been no shortage of funny business in the Festival Centre recently ...
    • Cabaret in May. "Adelaide Cabaret Festival". [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (Adelaide Review, 2001-06)
      The recent "Adelaide Cabaret Festival" has been a curious event. The result has been a mixed menu of middle of the road favourites, jazzy morning melodies, an outing for the ASO, a few choice items from here and there and ...
    • Cinematic Focus Richly Rewarded. Adelaide Film Festival - Shedding Light and Casting Shadows [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (The Australian, 2002-03-08)
      The Adelaide Festival films have always been one of Peter Sellars’ pet ideas, and they have turned out to be among his best. With various funding, including $1.5m from the Festival, Shedding Light Director and SBS Independent ...
    • Comedy Preview. "Adelaide Fringe Festival". [preview] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (Adelaide Review', 2004-02)
      Before television re-discovered Australian humour and FM breakfast executives began strip-mining the stand-up industry, comedy at the Adelaide Fringe was all one big lucky dip where Funny Stories, LosTrios Ringbarkus, the ...
    • Festival Fractured By Chaos. Adelaide Festival 2002 [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (The Australian, 2002-03-15)
      The 2002 Adelaide Festival has been full of earnest innovations, sparkling surprises and reflective moments. It has also, for audiences at least, been an organisational shambles.
    • The Festival That Was. "Adelaide Festival". [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (Adelaide Review, 2002-04)
      It has been said that the 2002 "Adelaide Festival" has been misunderstood, that it was too innovative and far-sighted to be fully comprehended. That its impact will not be realised for years, say some. For a decade, says ...
    • Festival Update. 2002 "Adelaide Festival". [preview] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (Adelaide Review, 2002-02)
      No sooner has Artistic Director, Sue Nattrass got things moving and she is handballing the presentation to Karl Telfer, one of five Associate Directors present - of the ten listed in the Program’s staff list. It is his ...
    • Festival's Defining Moment. [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (The Adelaide Review, 2004-04)
      Let’s start with "Gulpilil". A project initiated by Festival director Stephen Page and Belvoir Company B director Neil Armfield, this theatre monologue featuring one of Australia’s most distinguished screen actors was ...
    • Fringe Benefits. "Adelaide Fringe Festival" Fringe Theatre. [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (Adelaide Review, 2004-04)
      Those long lines down Angas Street, out of the Nova on Rundle Street and the big mobs around the Scott Theatre were all for comedy acts. Some were worth the wait - the eccentric Daniel Kitson, Lano and Woodley’s hypermanic ...
    • Fringe Events. "Adelaide Fringe Festival". [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (Adelaide Review, 2002-03)
      The Fringe is in full swing for 2002. Even before the Friday night Opening Parade, which attracts a crowd upwards of fifty thousand, plenty of venues are well under way. At The Garden of Unearthly Delights in Rundle Park ...
    • Fringe Favourites. "Adelaide Fringe Festival" Fringe Theatre. [preview] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (Adelaide Review', 2004-02)
      There are the classics - beginning with David Malikoff’s performance of the Anglo-Saxon monster epic "Beowulf and Midsummer Night’s Dream Reloaded" from Scrambled Prince at the Mercury Cinema. Local company, Rough Magic ...
    • Fringe Notes. "Adelaide Fringe Festival". [preview] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (Adelaide Review, 2002-04)
      The press kit reminds us that there are 381 registered events, including 76 in comedy and 102 in theatre. There is also a huge visual arts and film and video program, the schools tour YEP event, regional programs, the ATSI ...
    • A Fringe Wrap. "Adelaide Fringe Festival". [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (Adelaide Review, 2002-04)
      Things were always going to go well for the Fringe this year. Everything, from the logo launch of that underdog-looking little bambi to the setting up of its ambitious on-line ticketing, had an assurance and energy about ...
    • The Funny Business of Sex in the City. Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2003 [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (The Australian, 2003-06-16)
      The Adelaide Cabaret Festival still has a week to go and the newly refitted Festival Centre is jumping - as well it might, hosting 400 artists and 152 performances over just seventeen nights. With a program including ...
    • Gathering of the Tribes. "Big Day Out". Wayville Showgrounds. [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (Adelaide Review, 2004-03)
      This year’s is the twelfth "Big Day Out". "Big Day Out" gives us the past, the modish present and always a glimpse of the ineffable future. "The Prodigy", "bridesmaids" in 1996, were the lords of all they surveyed the ...
    • Gems At Risk of Being Swamped. Adelaide Fringe Festival 2004 [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (The Australian, 2004-03-11)
      With an estimated crowd of one hundred thousand cheering the opening night parade, a lively buzz at Rundle Park’s Garden of Earthly Delights, and, by yesterday, a gross of $2.9m and 163,000 in ticket sales, the Adelaide ...
    • Global Appeal. Womadelaide [preview] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (The Adelaide Review, 2004-01)
      Womadelaide will soon be upon us: from 5 -7 March, to be exact. And, yes, it does seem like only a year ago. Now an annual fixture, Womad, this year, is tucked under the wing of the Adelaide Festival- as it was for its ...
    • Gotta Get Out of Displace. Adelaide Fringe Festival 2004 [review] 

      Bramwell, Murray Ross (The Australian, 2004-02-24)
      The first weekend of theatre in the Adelaide Fringe has opened strongly with a number of works interestingly clustered around the theme of imprisonment within the self.