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dc.contributor.authorLopez, Carolina
dc.contributor.authorTchanturia, Kate
dc.contributor.authorKemps, Eva Bertha
dc.identifier.citationKemps, E.B., Lopez, C. and Tchanturia, K. (2010). Weak central coherence in anorexia nervosa. In Sandra Sassaroli and Giovanni Maria Ruggiero, ed. Cognitive therapy of eating disorders on control and worry. New York: Nova Publishers, pp. 86-96.en
dc.publisherNova Publishersen_US
dc.titleWeak central coherence in anorexia nervosaen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
dc.description.noteNew Yorken
dc.subject.forgroup1701 Psychologyen_US
local.contributor.authorOrcidLookupKemps, Eva Bertha:

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