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dc.contributor.authorBonnel, Jude
dc.contributor.authorSmith, Pamela Alethea
dc.contributor.authorWalshe, Keryn Anne
dc.identifier.citationSmith, P.A., Walshe, K.A. and Bonnel, J. (2005). Chambers Gully Cottage Ruin Excavation. In P. A. Smith, S. Piddock & F. D. Pate, ed. Historic sites and landscapes : The Great Eastern Road and the First Creek Catchment. Adelaide, SA: Kopi Books, pp. 47-56.en
dc.publisherKopi Booksen_US
dc.titleChambers Gully Cottage Ruin Excavationen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
dc.description.noteAdelaide, SAen
dc.subject.forgroup2102 Curatorial and Related Studiesen_US

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