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dc.contributor.authorDavis, D
dc.contributor.authorPerrott, B
dc.contributor.authorPerry, L J
dc.identifier.citation"Davis, D., Perrott, B., Perry, L.J., 2014. Insights into the Working Experience of Casual Academics and Their Immediate Supervisors. Australian Bulletin of Labour, Vol.40 No.1, pp. 46-67"en
dc.description.abstract"The increasing use of casual university academics has been an issue of concern to researchers and commentators for some time. Research to date has tended to focus on the plight of casuals who aspire to permanent positions, and emphasising issues such as career dissatisfaction, exploitation, and marginalisation. Little evidence has been gathered that quantifies the views of casuals more broadly. Less still has been gathered on the perceptions of the immediate supervisors of casuals. This article seeks to compare the perceptions of a cohort of casuals and their immediate supervisors. Both quantitative and qualitative data are gathered via a survey of academic staff employed in the business faculty of a large metropolitan university. The survey results indicate, among other things, a high level of mutual satisfaction between casuals and their immediate supervisors. Casuals also expressed a high level of general satisfaction with their work as casual staff. These and other findings are discussed in some detail."en
dc.publisherNational Institute of Labour Studiesen
dc.titleInsights into the Working Experience of Casual Academics and Their Immediate Supervisorsen

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