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dc.contributor.authorXiao, Lily Dongxia
dc.contributor.authorShen, Jun
dc.contributor.authorLiu, H
dc.identifier.citationXiao, LD. Shen, J. & Liu, H. 2012, Unfolding case study applied to continuing gerontological nursing education in China [发展性案例讨论法在中国老年护理继续教育中的应用], Chinese Journal of Gerontology, 23, 5358-5360en
dc.description.abstract【摘要】 <正>20世纪90年代,老年护理学才陆续被我国多所护理高等院校列为必修课程。这就造成大多数护士缺乏系统的老年护理知识〔1〕,因此,举办各种类型的老年护理继续教育,提高护士老年护理知识和技能尤为重要。国家卫生部于1997年颁发了《继续护理教育暂行规定》和《继续护理学教育学历授予试行办法》,对继续护理学教育的对象、时间、内容和形式都作了详 English Abstract : in the 1990s, before being gerontological nursing is a compulsory course of more than nursing colleges. This has resulted in the majority of aged care nurses lack of systematic knowledge [1], therefore, held various aged care continuing education, to improve the knowledge and skills of nurses aged care is especially important. Ministry of Health issued the "Interim Provisions continuing nursing education" and "continuing nursing education qualifications awarded pilot scheme", for the object of continuing nursing education, time, content and form have been detailed in 1997en
dc.description.sponsorshipChongqing Medical Universityen
dc.publisherZhongguo Laonian Xuehuien
dc.rightsCopyright © 2012 China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House.en
dc.subject发展性案例讨论法, 护理, 继续教育, development of case law , nursing, continuing educationen
dc.title.alternativeUnfolding case study applied to continuing gerontological nursing education in Chinaen
dc.rights.holderChina Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House.en
local.contributor.authorOrcidLookupXiao, Lily Dongxia:

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