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    • FIFO and Global Production Networks: Exploring the Issues 

      Rainnie, A; Fitzgerald, S; Ellem, B; Goods, C (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2014)
      "In this introductory article, we provide a context for subsequent articles in this special edition. We do not intend to provide a comprehensive overview of the costs and benefits of FIFO. This ground is covered in other ...
    • The FIFO Experience: A Gladstone Case Study 

      Cameron, R; Lewis, J; Pfeiffer, L (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2014)
      "The aim of this article is to explore the historic and contemporary use of nonresident workers (NRWs) in the Gladstone region, how this has contributed to the region’s development, and the economic and social impacts of ...
    • The Flip Side of Fly-In Fly-Out: The Use of 457 Visas by Smaller Firms in the Western Australian Resources Sector 

      Barrett, Rowena; Bahn, Susanne; Susomrith, Pattanee; Prasad, Krishna (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2014)
      "The focus in this article is how the extensive use of fly-in fly-out (FIFO) working arrangements in the Western Australian resources sector has an impact directly and indirectly on smaller firms and their ability to ...
    • Guest Editors’ Introduction to the Special Issue on FIFO Work 

      Rainnie, Al; Michelson, Grant; Goods, Caleb; Burgess, John (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2014)
    • Mining through the Talent Pool of Potential Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) Workers 

      Pryce, J; Welters, R; Lynch, P; Blackman, A; Murphy, L; Eagle, L; Case, P; Low, D (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2014)
      "This article reports on findings from an exploratory study which examined the qualifications, skills, and experience of local job seekers in Tropical North Queensland to ascertain their potential as FIFO workers. An online ...
    • Workers’ Perceptions of FIFO Work in North Queensland, Australia 

      Blackman, A; Welters, R; Murphy, L; Eagle, L; Pearce, M; Pryce, J; Lynch, P; Low, D (National Institute of Labour Studies, 2014)
      "The impact of the fly-in fly-out (FIFO) lifestyle on the psychosocial and emotional well-being of the workers and their families has been a topic of discussion in local media, forums, and research, with mixed findings. ...