Letter from the Editors

We are delighted with the response to our journal over the last year, and with the range of excellent contributions coming our way. This issue again shows how readily readers, students and scholars engage with the traditional and popular art of interview, often the very best way to learn more about writers and their craft. The writers can speak directly, without being subject to interpretation or theorising.

We are proud that this issue contains a mixture of writers old and new, established and not yet well-known. The writers featured here are from Canada, Australia, the UK and Bosnia; the chief forms used are novels and poetry although, as the interviews show, each field has infinite flexibility. The interviews, we hope, will prompt readers to try the work of these exciting voices.

Collectively, through the interviews, these writers share some very topical preoccupations; we also learn about the forms they use, who they write for and why they write. We hope you will enjoy reading them as much as we have.

Nick Turner and Gillian Dooley, Editors


From Volume 4, no. 1, February 2017 Writers in Conversation will be published in Open Journal Systems and this website will no longer be updated.

Recent Submissions

  • Write from the Heart: An Interview with Brian Wrixon, a Poet from Canada 

    Ajit Kumar; Brian Wrixon (2015-01-16)
    Brian Wrixon, a poet, was born in 1946 in Toronto, Canada. He graduated from Laurentian University in Canada with a degree in Classical Studies, and is a former faculty member, online curriculum design consultant and program ...
  • A Bosnian refugee who became a great story-teller: Adnan Mahmutovic on what drives him as a person and author 

    Mahmutovic, Adnan; Sharma, Sunil (2015-01-16)
    Adnan Mahmutovic is fast becoming a literary phenomenon across the Anglophonic world, courtesy a strong narrative voice that is unique and spotlights the human endurance in most extreme conditions, including war, ethnic ...
  • Ventriloquism Days: In Conversation with David Mathew 

    David Farrer; David Mathew (2015-01-16)
    David Mathew is the author of three novels – O My Days, Creature Feature, and most recently Ventriloquists – and a volume of short stories entitled Paranoid Landscapes. His wide areas of interest include psychoanalysis, ...
  • Interview with Jim Crace 

    Jim Crace; Sameerah Mahmood (2015-01-16)
    Jim Crace was born in Hertfordshire in 1946 and is the author of 11 novels. This interview took place on 10 July 2013. Before becoming a novelist, he worked as a freelance journalist, and wrote educational plays and a ...
  • B.S. Johnson and Maureen Duffy: Aspiring Writers: A Conversation with Maureen Duffy 

    Maureen Duffy; Melanie Seddon (2015-01-16)
    Maureen Duffy and B.S. Johnson met at King’s College London in 1956 when they both enrolled to read for a degree in English Literature. They became friends and colleagues through their contributions to Lucifer, the college ...
  • It's Just Thought You Know': An Interview with Ken Bolton 

    Taylor Johnson, Heather; Bolton, Ken (2015-01-16)
    Ken Bolton is iconic, as far as Australian poets go, yet he remains a figure somewhat on the outer. For instance, he was not included in the comprehensive Australian Poetry since 1788, yet it was noted in the Australian ...
  • Interview with Canadian Poet and Playwright Henry Beissel 

    Heide Fruth-Sachs; Henry Beissel (2015-01-16)
    Over the past two years Henry Beissel has been invited to more than 20 German (and Polish) universities for readings. He has the ability to make people love demanding literature; in fact the students of the Canadian ...
  • Interview with Robin Robertson, Random House, London, 10 January 2011 

    Naomi, Katrina; Robertson, Robin (2015-01-16)
    Robin Robertson has published five collections of poetry: A Painted Field, Slow Air, Swithering, The Wrecking Light and Hill of Doors, as well as Sailing the Forest: Selected Poems. Robertson (born 1955) was brought up on ...