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dc.contributor.authorDaalder, Joost
dc.identifier.citation• Daalder, J., 1988. Some major errors of transcription in recent editions of Wyatt's poetry. ANQ, 1(2), 67-72.en
dc.descriptionPending copyright permission from publisher. (MF December 2015)en
dc.description.abstractIt is almost an understatement to say that the question as to how Wyatt should be edited is controversial. The most conservative editors are inclined to produce old-spelling transcripts of what they see as the most authoritative primary sources, while a much more radical approach is advocated by someone like H.A. Mason in 'Editing Wyatt' (Cambridge, 1972), who likes modernization, freely selects what according to his taste are the "best" readings in the sources, and "emends" those sources without restraint.en
dc.publisherThe University Press of Kentuckyen
dc.subjectEnglish Literatureen
dc.titleSome major errors of transcription in recent editions of Wyatt's poetryen
dc.rights.holderCopyright (C) 1988 by The University Press of Kentuckyen

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