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dc.contributor.authorDaalder, Joost (Editor)
dc.identifier.citationDaalder, J. (ed.) 1979. Compilation of 'Australian writing'. Pacific Quarterly Moana, 4(4), 417-469.en
dc.descriptionCompilation not reproduced here due to the number of third party interests. All material is copyrighted in the name of the individual authors. Please note that a print copy (photocopy only) is held in the Special Collections at Flinders University.en
dc.description.abstractProfessor Daalder has edited a section of the journal issue comprising a compilation of literary items, under the title 'Australian writing'.en
dc.publisherOutrigger Pulishers, New Zealanden
dc.subjectEnglish literatureen
dc.titleCompilation of 'Australian writing'en
dc.rights.holderAll material is copyrighted in the name of the individual authors.en

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