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    • Serendipity: A Conversation with Adrian Mitchell 

      Adrian Mitchell; Dooley, Gillian Mary (2016-01-21)
      South Australians might still like to claim Adrian Mitchell as one of their own, despite the fact that he now lives in Sydney. An associate professor of English and now Honorary Associate of the University of Sydney, he ...
    • Sébastien Doubinsky in Conversation with Isabelle Petiot 

      Isabelle Petiot; Sébastien Petiot (2016-01-21)
      Sébastien Doubinsky is a bilingual French writer and academic, born in Paris in 1963. He has been widely published in French and in English. In France, Quién es? and La Trilogie Babylonienne were published by Joelle Losfeld. ...
    • Tabish Khair in Conversation with Ajay K Chaubey 

      Chaubey, Ajay K; Khair, Tabish (2016-01-21)
      Born in Ranchi and educated up to his MA in Gaya, Tabish Khair, PhD (Copenhagen), DPhil (Aarhus), is a Professor of English in Denmark and the author of a number of acclaimed books. Winner of the All India Poetry Prize, ...