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    • Trump Studies: The Double Refusal and Silent Majorities in Theoretical Times 

      Brabazon, Tara; Redhead, Steve; Chivaura, Runyararo (UTS ePress, 2018-11-28)
      This article builds on the embryonic inter/trans/anti/disciplinary Trump Studies to generate a theoretical framework for understanding the Brexit outcome and Trump’s victory. The consequences of researchers operating in a ...
    • TURNITIN? TURNITOFF: The Deskilling of Information Literacy 

      Brabazon, Tara (Anadolu University, 2015-07)
      Plagiarism is a folk devil into which is poured many of the challenges, problems and difficulties confronting higher education. This article investigates how software -Turnitin in particular- is ‘solving’ a particular ...
    • Winter is Coming: Doctoral Supervision in the Neoliberal University 

      Brabazon, Tara (Ishik University, 2016-09)
      Doctoral Education Studies, particularly in its North American manifestations, emphasizes quantitative methods. The resulting research is empirical and occasionally empiricist. The challenges revealed through this mode of ...