Margaret Baker retired in 1997 as Senior Lecturer in Italian at the Flinders University of South Australia, and is now Honorary Visiting Scholar at the University. Her research interests and publications have been in seventeenth-century and modern Italian narrative.


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Recent Submissions

  • Italo Calvino: Attentive Observer of Life, Experienced or Imagined. [abstract]. 

    Baker, Margaret Anne (2006)
    The Italian writer Italo Calvino, who died in September 1985, is remembered as a fabulist and essayist. His writing spans a range that reflects the diversity of his cultural interests but shows a basic consistency of ...
  • Some thoughts on historical narrative in twentieth-century Italian literature 

    Baker, Margaret Anne (Dept. of Italian, University of Melbourne, 1999)
    The presence of historically-based narrative (i.e. prose writing that brings the past into focus) has been noticeable in Italian writing throughout this century and particularly so in the later half of the century. Recent ...
  • The Women Characters of Carlo Emilio Gadda 

    Baker, Margaret Anne (Berg, 1993)
    Like his predecessors in Naturalism, Carlo Emilio Gadda (1893-1973) has given us women characters of remarkable vitality. By the time of his first recorded writing, during World War I, the earlier representation of female ...
  • Journeys and Discovery in Seventeenth-Century Italian Prose Romances 

    Baker, Margaret Anne (Dept. of Italian, University of Melbourne, 1991)
    This paper has its starting point in the work on seventeenth-century Italian prose romances first published twenty years ago by Albert N. Mancini who identified, among other aspects of this genre, the centrality of court ...
  • Narrators and their Reporting in the Prose Romance Trilogy of Giovanni Francesco Biondi 

    Baker, Margaret Anne (The Italian Discipline, The Flinders University of South Australia, 1992)
    In the judgement of some of his contemporaries, Giovanni Francesco Biondi, the first seventeenth-century Italian writer to publish a romance in prose, is among the few to distinguish themselves in the new genre. The ...
  • Reflections Cast on Inferno XXXI-XXXIV by Primo Levi's Account of Auschwitz. 

    Baker, Margaret Anne (Australian Humanities Press, 2000)
    In ‘Se questo è un uomo’, Primo Levi tells his “ghastly tale” of his months in a Nazi concentration camp by evoking occasional comparison with parts of Dante’s ‘Inferno’. When, decades later, he returns to write about the ...
  • Carlo Emilio Gadda's Luigi di Francia 

    Baker, Margaret Anne (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2002-03)
    The work that Gadda prepared for publication from the series of broadcasts on Louis XIII-XV of France during 1952 has largely been overlooked by critics. It is the aim of this article to show that, although there are ...