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    • Ageing in a changing age 

      Graycar, Adam (1985-10)
      Comparing our population today with that in the census before last (1976) the number of people in their sixties has increased by 14.3 per cent; the number in their seventies and eighties by 25.8 per cent. During the same ...
    • Ageing in a new age 

      Graycar, Adam (1985-03)
      A most pressing need is to develop an agenda for ageing so that the explosion of care in particular, and our ageing situation in general can be managed coherently, compassionately, efficiently and equitably.
    • Ageing in Australia 

      Graycar, Adam (1987-08)
      As we look to the future we will see more older people, and we will see more of our older people living longer. While the advance of science has helped to push back the frontiers of longevity it would be a disaster if our ...
    • Ageing in Australia: a pointer to political dilemmas 

      Graycar, Adam (1981-00)
      The social consequence of ageing is cumulative exclusion of a significant number of people from income, jobs, and meaningful roles in society. The political consequence is determination of the legitimacy of claims made ...
    • Ageing in Australia: overview and social policy 

      Graycar, Adam (1982-00)
      Elderly people require a wide range of supports, especially income support, health services, housing support and social services. Public resources which are allocated are substantial, yet the range of incomes, access to ...
    • Ageing populations and social care: policy issues 

      Graycar, Adam (1983-05)
      Official policy statements and parliamentary recommendations are re-emphasizing the importance of community care for elderly people. This paper examines questions of responsibility in the light both of demographic changes ...
    • Ageing rapidly: fiction or fact? 

      Graycar, Adam (1987-08)
      All too often fiction and fact are confused when dealing with the complex area of ageing. Some misconceptions are highlighted.
    • Agencies, services and Government funding 

      Graycar, Adam; Silver, Wendy (1982-08)
      State governments provide for disabled people's needs through their departments of health, education and welfare. Most State Governments also provide funds to non-government welfare organizations (NGWOs) in this area of ...
    • Agenda for ageing 

      Graycar, Adam (1985-08)
      To provide adequately and appropriately, government must consider a comprehensive agenda for ageing which includes income security, health care, social services, housing, labour force and older workers, communication and ...
    • An agenda for Australian social policy research 

      Graycar, Adam (1981-10)
      There are two ways of talking about research and how research fits into a policy agenda. First of all, we can talk about where research fits into policy generally, and secondly, how in the research centre where I work we ...
    • AIC's research on firearms theft: talking points 

      Graycar, Adam (2003-01)
      Speech contains administrative data of firearms theft in Australia such as number and types of firearms, number of people licenced, number of registered firearms, types and number of offences committed involving firearms, ...
    • Art crime 

      Graycar, Adam (1999-12)
      Interpol has ranked art and cultural related property crime the third largest illicit trade in the world after drugs and weapons, with money laundering coming a close fourth. The recovery rate for stolen art has been ...
    • Asian Pacific Language & Culture 

      Graycar, Adam (1991-03)
      It is important that standards of language proficiency and knowledge of export marketing management be set and tested and World University can do it. This speech outlines the purpose and role of a proposed Export Language ...
    • Australian crime and justice on CD-ROM 

      Graycar, Adam (1997-05)
      The aim of the Australian Institute of Criminology is to publish a significant collection of documents and publications on CD-ROM and thus provide direct and immediate access for: practitioners, researchers, teachers and ...
    • Australian Institute of Criminology in an era of change 

      Graycar, Adam (1996-05)
      Describes the core business of the Australian Institute of Criminology.
    • Backlash and the public sector : does the welfare state have a future? 

      Graycar, Adam (1979-09)
      The Welfare State, once seen as an important mechanism for alleviating poverty and for redistributing resources is going into low gear. It has come under fire from critics on both the left and the right. Those on the ...
    • Basis for genuine consultation in aged care services 

      Graycar, Adam (1987-11)
      We have and will continue to have two older populations each defined as old. One population, (comprising people roughly aged over sixty-five and under seventy-five) is deemed too old for the paid labour force, and the ...
    • Care of the aged 

      Graycar, Adam (1987-10)
      The fact that more people are reaching old age represents success: improvements in health, better housing, and better living standards. This success is something we will all benefit from if we learn to utilise the potential ...
    • Caring services for the elderly 

      Graycar, Adam (1986-09)
      100 years ago life expectancy at birth was 47 years for males and 51 years for females. Today it is around 70 for males and 77 for females. In some circles this increase in life expectancy is seen as a calamity for ...
    • Central agencies - do they lead or just tread on toes? Leadership or treading on toes? 

      Graycar, Adam (2007-05)
      Central agencies justify their existence by being both required and able to see the big picture, to rise above the constraints of agency boundaries and pursue a whole of government agenda. One would expect that the quality ...