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    • ID related fraud cases 

      Graycar, Adam (2006-05)
      A selection of identity-related fraud cases (mid 1990s - early 00s).
    • ID security 

      Graycar, Adam (2006-05)
      Slides of a presentation outlining the National Identity Security Strategy and working group structure of the South Australian Government in response to identity-related fraud and theft.
    • Identifying and responding to corporate fraud in the 21st century 

      Graycar, Adam; Smith, Russell G (2002-03)
      Fraud involves the use of dishonest or deceitful conduct in order to obtain some unjust advantage over someone else. Fraud currently costs the community in excess of $3.5 billion, and last year alone cost the Commonwealth ...
    • Identifying and responding to electronic fraud risks 

      Graycar, Adam; Smith, Russell G (2002-11)
      Fraud involves the use of dishonest or deceitful conduct in order to obtain some unjust advantage over someone else. Fraud currently costs the community in excess of $3.5 billion, and last year alone cost the Commonwealth ...
    • Identity-related fraud 

      Graycar, Adam (2001-11)
      There is a common thread running through almost all crime and that is the desire of offenders to escape detection, arrest, and punishment for their wrongful activities. More recently we have seen an escalation in acts ...
    • Identity-related fraud: risks and remedies 

      Graycar, Adam (2002-04)
      Some people steal somebody else's identity, and others create false identities. Identities can be stolen or created using legitimate or forged documents. Legitimate documents might be stolen from a living or deceased ...
    • Implications of our ageing society 

      Graycar, Adam (1986-06)
      We have, in Australia today, a higher proportion of elderly people than we have ever had in the past. If we look back at ageing in Australia we would find very few elderly people -somewhere around 4 per cent of the ...
    • Incomes and pensions 

      Graycar, Adam (1987-02)
      Australia's aged population is growing. The superannuation industry has a great role to play to ensure greater coverage than presently exists. On average, income from superannuation is considerably greater than the age ...
    • Independence 

      Graycar, Adam (1986-10)
      Dependence and independence are not two sides of a coin: they are not opposites which we can freely choose, but are integrally linked together in a very complex way. While dependence can be described as "reliance on another ...
    • Informal, voluntary and statutory services: the complex relationship 

      Graycar, Adam (1982-08)
      The argument of this paper is that equitable social care can eventuate only with the acceptance of a greater role for public sector services. In debates about the development of social care, politicians in industrial ...
    • IPAA workshop: how to write Cabinet submissions 

      Graycar, Adam (2005-12)
      Gives an overview of the role of the South Australian Government, the role of Cabinet, the role of the public service, public policy development, policy-making.
    • Is retirement working? 

      Graycar, Adam; Doherty, Bev (1989-12)
      The four main issues for a person facing retirement are income - having enough and having it regularly; having adequate health care; having appropriate living and housing arrangements; and having interest and purpose in ...
    • Isssues facing the elderly 

      Graycar, Adam (1986-05)
      Over the next 25 years Australia's population will increase by 27%; the population aged 65 and over by 67%; the population aged 75 and over by 118% and the over 85's by 225%. Every day our elderly population increases by ...
    • Issues in crime prevention for retail businesses 

      Graycar, Adam (2003-02)
      The Australian Institute of Criminology has conducted research into crimes experienced by retailers. The speech outlines the aims and objectives of AIC research, summarises a survey of crimes experienced by retailers, ...
    • Launch of Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management (FIPPM) 

      Graycar, Adam (2004-08)
      How do we develop and maintain the skills to deal with the hardest policy questions - about people and their lives and aspirations, about the industrial climate, about the sustainability of our national resources, about ...
    • Launch of SA Policy Online 

      Graycar, Adam (2004-10)
      SA Policy Online was a new website featuring the latest public policy research on everything from education and health to water and the media. It was a collaboration between UniSA's Hawke Research Institute, the Flinders ...
    • Law and order, who needs it? 

      Graycar, Adam (1996-06)
      Law and order are fundamental to our society. We can have law, and a lot of disorder; we can have a great deal of order, but considerable lawlessness; and law does not necessarily equate with justice. The criminal justice ...
    • Legal rights of elderly people 

      Graycar, Adam (1988-10)
      Every aspect of the lives of elderly people is affected by change and its social ramifications, from increased consumer activity, through electronic banking, through to travel and entertainment, through to changing family ...
    • Local Government and crime prevention 

      Graycar, Adam (2001-07)
      Local government has a role in preventing crime. Crime and disorder problems need to be understood in their local contexts and strategies need thus to be locally tailored. Local government can be a catalyst for change ...
    • Local Government's effective community responses 

      Graycar, Adam (2000-07)
      The challenge before us is to find the right set of interventions to prevent criminal behaviour among young people, and prevent that behaviour becoming a lifelong activity. The two main strategies are on the one hand to ...