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    • Accommodation after retirement 

      Graycar, Adam (1984-03)
      Family, income, health, and housing conditions are the major interlocking pieces in the kaleidoscope of well being of elderly people. Housing and accommodation, the subject of tonight's seminar is concerned not only with ...
    • Accommodation issues for elderly people : State Government perspectives 

      Graycar, Adam (1986-06)
      Only a small proportion of older people ever come into contact with nursing homes. About 4.5 per cent of those aged 65 and over live in nursing homes, and proportions increase with age, and vary quite notably by State. ...
    • Accommodation issues for ethnic aged people in South Australia : accommodation alternatives 

      Graycar, Adam (1986-06)
      Accommodation policies for elderly people involve activity by all three levels of government, non-government welfare organisations (of which about 700 in South Australia are involved with the welfare of elderly people), ...
    • Accommodation options for elderly people 

      Graycar, Adam (1984-10)
      Elderly people require a wide range of supports, mostly income support, but also health services, housing support, and social services. Public resources which are allocated are substantial, yet the range of incomes, access ...
    • Caring services for the elderly 

      Graycar, Adam (1986-09)
      100 years ago life expectancy at birth was 47 years for males and 51 years for females. Today it is around 70 for males and 77 for females. In some circles this increase in life expectancy is seen as a calamity for ...
    • Nursing homes 

      Graycar, Adam (1986-10)
      As we look to the future, over the next 25 years S.A.'s population will increase by 27%; the population aged 65 and over by 67%; the population aged 75 and over by 118% and the over 85's by 225%.
    • Nursing homes : policy issues 

      Graycar, Adam (1986-09)
      The looming explosion in social care poses formidable challenges for policy makers in the gerontological arena. Policies, programs and services that reflect the interests of our older population, families of older people, ...
    • Pets and the elderly 

      Graycar, Adam (1986-10)
      Research around the world has shown the value of pets for older people. A pet is a friend to whom the loneliest person, practically incapable of communication with fellow humans can talk and express affection. People who ...
    • State approaches to housing for the ageing 

      Graycar, Adam (1986-10)
      Given that some of our older people have substantial assets and given that many of our older people have fears and insecurities about impending dependencies, they are an easy mark for people selling some form of comfortable ...