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    • Australian crime and justice on CD-ROM 

      Graycar, Adam (1997-05)
      The aim of the Australian Institute of Criminology is to publish a significant collection of documents and publications on CD-ROM and thus provide direct and immediate access for: practitioners, researchers, teachers and ...
    • Changing demography, changing crime 

      Graycar, Adam (1999-11)
      Over the millennia, the way humans have arranged their living space has had a strong influence on social, political and economic life. It has also had an influence on crime. It would be convenient to be able to plot a ...
    • Changing face of crime 

      Graycar, Adam (1999-11)
      This presentation investigates some of the current and potential factors which may impact upon the wider societal environment in which criminal activities occur. Predominantly the types of new opportunities for the ...
    • Crime and elder issues, problems and practical responses 

      Graycar, Adam (2000-11)
      Since the 1970s there has been an increase in concern about older people as victims of crime. Older people, in a similar manner as other groups in the population, are at risk from four main sources: family members, friends ...
    • Crime and justice: research and public policy 

      Graycar, Adam (1996-12)
      To prevent and reduce crime there are at least three approaches we can follow - they are not mutually exclusive - they need to be taken together. 1. A criminal approach to focus on retribution, incapacitation, rehabilitation, ...
    • Crime: trends and directions 

      Graycar, Adam (1999-08)
      The key task in criminological research is to work with abstract concepts of how people behave and live, and turn them into practical, tangible principles that prevent crime and make for a better society for all. We cannot ...
    • National Homicide Monitoring Program: Executive summary 

      Graycar, Adam (2000-06)
      Summary of homicides in Australia 1 July 1989 to 30 June 1999.
    • Trends and issues in crime and justice in Australia 

      Graycar, Adam (1996-09)
      We know that the interpretation of crime statistics is much more difficult than the interpretation of most other statistics. Trends are not always easy to discern, even though they may seem obvious. People experience crime ...