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    • Air with variations 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Felton, William [composer] (2011-01-22)
      Air with 8 variations for keyboard solo.
    • Austen Music Transcripts: Explanatory notes and references 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary (2011-01-22)
      Explanatory notes regarding the Austen music transcripts, and lists of all items I have in my possession, whether transcripts, scans or photocopies.
    • Captivity 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber and arranger]; Storace, Stephen [composer]; Austen, Jane [transcriber] (2011-01-22)
      Song in the form of a lament by Marie Antoinette from her imprisonment.
    • Catch (Joan said to John) 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Austen, Jane [transcriber] (2011-01-22)
      Unaccompanied catch or round for three voices.
    • Colin and Lucy: a ballad in seven parts for high voice and piano 

      Gillian Dooley [transcriber]; Giordani, Tommaso; Tickell, Thomas (J. Dale, 1783)
      Colin and Lucy (1783), A ballad in seven parts for high voice and piano; Music by Tommaso Giordani (c1730-1806), Words by Thomas Tickell (1685-1740), Transcribed and arranged for vocal duet by Gillian Dooley (2017) from ...
    • Contented all day 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Boyce, William [composer] (2011-01-22)
      Duet from 'The Chaplet'. Music headed 'Sung by Mr Beard and Miss Norris for the Chaplet'.
    • Dear is my little native vale 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Hook, James; McCauley, Fiona [arranger] (2011-05-28)
      Dear is my little native vale', a song by James Hook.
    • Dirges and Sad Ditties from Jane Austen's Music Collection [concert program] 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary (Flinders Institute for Research in the Humanities, 2017-07-16)
      Program for closing concert of Immortal Austen conference (Adelaide: July 2017) presented by Flinders University. Performers were Gillian Dooley, Nicola Hardie Beveridge, Chris Rawlinson, Kirstine Moffat and Alistair Knight. ...
    • Duo du Roi Theodore 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Paisiello, Giovanni [composer]; Austen, Jane [transcriber] (2011-01-22)
      Duo from the opera La Roi Theodore a Venise, originally in Italian. Words begin 'Filles charmantes, jeunes amantes, daignez m'apprendre'.
    • The Egyptian Love Song 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Harington, Henry [composer]; Austen, Jane [transcriber] (2011-01-22)
      Duet by Henry Harington. First line: 'Sweet doth blush the rosy morning'.
    • For tenderness form'd in life's early day 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Paisiello, Giovanni [composer]; Linley, Thomas [arranger] (2011-01-22)
      Song arranged by Thomas Linley from an melody from Il Barbiere di Siviglia by Giovanni Paisiello. The original aria was 'Io son Lindoro'.
    • Here's the bower she loved so much 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Moore, Thomas [composer]; Austen, Jane [transcriber] (2011-01-22)
      Song lamenting the death of a young woman. With keyboard or possibly harp accompaniment.
    • Hither Love thy beauties bring 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Austen, Jane [transcriber]; Krumpholtz [composer] (2011-01-22)
      Pastoral love song - 4 verses with refrain.
    • Hush-aby Baby 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Austen, Jane [transcriber] (2011-01-22)
      Nursery song set for 2 voices and piano.
    • I ha'e laid a herring in salt 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Austen, Jane [transcriber] (2011-01-22)
      Scottish song: a busy farmer wants a quick answer to his proposal of marriage.
    • Jane Austen's Music: programs from performances 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary (2011-01-22)
      Programs from various performances of music from the Austen family music collections (including the presentation by Flinders University Library in the Adelaide Fringe 2008). For the 2011 program Sweets of May see separate record.
    • Jane Austen's Songs of the Sea [Concert program] 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary (South Australian Maritime Museum, 2017-11-04)
      Among the music in Jane Austen’s personal music collection are many songs about sailors and the sea. Britain was at war for most of Austen’s lifetime and two of her brothers were naval officers. The program includes songs ...
    • Jane Austen: The French Connection 

      Dooley, Gillian (2020-10-17)
      Concert program for Jane Austen: The French Connection, held at the Barr Smith Library Reading Room on Sunday 17 October 2020. A concert of French music from Jane Austen's music collection and that of her family. Songs ...
    • Jessy, or the happy pair 

      Gillian Dooley [transcriber]; Moore, Edward (London Magazine, 1747)
      Song from Austen music collections, CHWJA/19/1:20. Transcribed from manuscript for performance. MS available online at Words found in 'The Poetical Works of ...
    • Jockey and Jenny 

      Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Baildon, Joseph [composer] (2011-01-22)
      First line: 'Stern winter has left us ye trees are in bloom.' Duet for male and female voices, singing alternate verses (8 verses).